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  • This is bigger than a game

    Veteran’s Day is Wednesday, which will be either the day you get the paper or the day before, depending how your paper gets to your house.  
    Veterans are the people who make it so we can play our sports so it is fitting I think to write about veterans in sports.  
    I will leave people out so please understand the intent of writing is to honor our veterans and do not focus on someone left out.
    Readers who are older than me will understand much more than those younger about what people had to endure during war time and times of unrest.  

  • Bowling Breds and Fillies start...

    Mike Aldridge,
    Sports Writer

    The Colt Classic in Danville was made up of some of the stronger bowling teams in Louisville as well as teams from Tennessee and central Kentucky. There were 13 teams in the boys’ competition and 11 teams in the girls’ competition.
    The Fillies finished in second place only 19 pins behind Graves County in the qualifying rounds.  
    Harrison County missed a few easy spares in the Baker matches and finished third, 100 points out of second for the tournament.  

  • Bowling results

    Cynthiana Business Nov. 4
    Wachter Roofing W 31/L 13
    Galactic Alley W 30/L 14
    Premier Carpet Cleaning W 27/L 17
    CW’s Crew W 27/L 17
    Six Pack W 25/L 19
    B-Dry W 24/L 20
    D’s Nutz W 24/L 20
    Hisle Motorsports W 19/L 25
    N.R.G. Landscaping W 19/L 25
    Legacy Log & Timber W 17/L 27
    Perkins Tire & Lube W 17/L 27
    Double O Trail W 17/L 27
    Bluegrass Bowling & Golf Supp W 16/L 28
    Butlerwhatknots W 15/L 29

  • Breds finish 4-6 after loss...

    Mike Aldridge,
    Sports Writer

    In the words of one of the assistant coaches “It was hard to believe that we were this flat on Senior Night.”  

  • Fillies begin season with...

    Mike Aldridge,
    Sports Writer

    If it’s possible to be optimistic with just two starters returning and more than half of your roster freshman or younger, then that is a picture of Fillies coach Kim Furnish.  
    The fiery Furnish believes that she has, for the first time, a group of girls and a coaching staff that is as aggressive as she is when it comes to basketball.  

  • Sports beat

    Faulkner is 10th Region
    Coach of the Year
    Harrison County Fillies volleyball coach, Bill Faulkner, was named the 10th Region Coach of the Year by the Kentucky Volleyball Coaches Association last weekend.  
    Faulkner was selected by his fellow 10th Region coaches for the honor. The 15-year veteran led the Fillies to a 28-11 record and the region semi finals this year while coaching a young team that had only three seniors.  

  • Sports this week

    Nov. 4- Nov. 11

    Friday, 11-6-15 vs. Greenup Co. (H) 7:30 PM
    1st Round of the Playoffs

  • Volleyball Fillies lose in...

    Mike Aldridge,
    Sports Writer

    The Harrison County Fillies volleyball team won 12 straight matches without losing a set entering Wednesday’s contest with the Lady Mustangs of Bishop Brossart.  
    Oddly enough, the last team to win a set from the Fillies was the Lady Mustangs on Sept. 24.  
    The first set was close with the Fillies pulling to within two points at 18-16, causing the Brossart coach to take a time out.  

  • Tell me it isn’t so

    This is a version of what my parents used to say and that was “Don’t tell me you did whatever it was that you should not have done.”  
    What comes to mind are things like running over the swing set with the car and other offenses too numerous to mention and most of which would embarrass my family even more than I do on a daily basis.
    This fits into sports in the following ways.  
    Don’t tell me that the second-best team in Missouri won the World Series.  

  • Bowling results

    Cynthiana Business Oct. 28
    Wachter Roofing W 30/L 10
    Galactic Alley W 27/L 13
    Premier Carpet Cleaning W 24/L 16
    CW’s Crew W 24/L 16
    Six Pack W 22/L 18
    D’s Nutz W 21/L 19
    N.R.G. Landscaping W 19/L 21
    Hisle Motorsports W 18/L 22
    Perkins Tire & Lube W 16/L 24
    Double O Trail W 16/L 24
    Bluegrass Bowling & Golf Supp W 15/L 25
    Legacy Log & Timber W 14/L 26
    Butlerwhatknots W 14/L 26