Today's Opinions

  • Theme: Famous Inventors

    1. Squirrel away
    6. Young newt
    9. They put the bitter in beer
    13. Jousting pole
    14. Tap choice
    15. Bone-chilling
    16. Cast member
    17. Greater than the whole?
    18. Dismal
    19. *Cotton gin inventor
    21. Do this for a waltz, e.g.
    23. *___ Isaac Newton
    24. Shirts on their backs, e.g.
    25. Farmer’s ___
    28. Turkish honorific
    30. Lots
    35. Brother of Jacob
    37. Uh-oh
    39. Poet’s “below”
    40. Slash mark

  • Retierment Plan still tops state's list

    Long before this year’s legislative session began, my colleagues in the House and Senate and I knew the biggest task before us would be putting the retirement systems for state and local governments on firmer financial ground.
    These systems were doing extremely well as recently as a decade ago, but the country’s two recessions since then have hit them especially hard, much as they have shrunk the state’s budget, which has been cut $1.6 billion over the last five years.

  • Thank you from Cedar Ridge Health Campus

    To the editor:
    Cedar Ridge Health Campus  would like to say thank you to each person, business, and volunteer that made our fundraiser a huge success. Thank you for your patience and support in helping us exceed our goal by raising over $1,900.
    All proceeds go directly to this organization to benefit the Harrison County Refuge For Women.    
    Cedar Ridge Health Campus
    Refuge For Women Committee

  • St. Edward School

    To the editor:
    We are proud to be a part of our local community in providing an alternative education for children. We invite you to join us in our mission of forming minds and hearts with the Gospel message. Open Registration for St. Edward School begins on April 1.  We serve children in kindergarten – fifth grade.
    St. Edward School is committed to academic excellence for all students through a standards-based curriculum infused with the Catholic faith and traditions that prepare students for their future.  

  • Waterworks/Abdallah Road

    To the editor:
    I support Mayor Moses in his effort to repair the Waterworks/Abdallah Road. The road needs to be repaired and opened up.
    Highway 27 is so awful trying to get thru traffic. It takes a while. Also River Road is taken up by the traffic also.
    As for the by-pass I won’t be traveling on it. To me this is useless. At least Waterworks/Abdallah won’t be bumper to bumper with traffic.
    I support the Mayor all the way to repair the road soon as possible.
    Jeanie Fryman
    Cynthiana, Ky.

  • Supporet KET

    To the editor:
    I have been a volunteer at KET, Kentucky’s statewide public television system, since 2009. I have volunteered my time because I believe in KET and for years my family and I have enjoyed the diverse, wonderful programming and services KET provides. I want to take part in passing those things on to others in my community.

  • Don't be part of the problem, be part of the solution

    Despite the personal feelings towards the new Parks and Recreation, success of recreation really falls onto the shoulders of area citizens.
    For the last several months talk around town has insinuated that personal vendetta was the underlining theme of Parks and Recreation.
    Since I have attended nearly all of the meetings in which recreation was discussed, I feel that I am more qualified to discuss the issue unlike someone who only get’s their information from the rumor mill.

  • Waterworks/Abdallah Road

    To the editor:
    I wholeheartedly support Mayor Moses in his effort to implement the repair of Waterworks/Abdallah Road. This road has been closed since last summer.
    Local motorists used this road as a safe and handy way to access Walmart and the post office, thus avoiding heavily traveled U.S. 27.
    As for the by-pass, I don’t know of many local people that will travel it regularly.
    I urge motorists to let Mayor Moses know that they support him in seeing repair of the roadway as soon as possible.
    Ed Herrington
    Cynthiana, Ky.