Today's Opinions

  • Don't be part of the problem, be part of the solution

    Despite the personal feelings towards the new Parks and Recreation, success of recreation really falls onto the shoulders of area citizens.
    For the last several months talk around town has insinuated that personal vendetta was the underlining theme of Parks and Recreation.
    Since I have attended nearly all of the meetings in which recreation was discussed, I feel that I am more qualified to discuss the issue unlike someone who only get’s their information from the rumor mill.

  • Waterworks/Abdallah Road

    To the editor:
    I wholeheartedly support Mayor Moses in his effort to implement the repair of Waterworks/Abdallah Road. This road has been closed since last summer.
    Local motorists used this road as a safe and handy way to access Walmart and the post office, thus avoiding heavily traveled U.S. 27.
    As for the by-pass, I don’t know of many local people that will travel it regularly.
    I urge motorists to let Mayor Moses know that they support him in seeing repair of the roadway as soon as possible.
    Ed Herrington
    Cynthiana, Ky.

  • A tribute to John Swinford

    To the editor:
    Cynthiana and Harrison County lost its biggest booster and promoter with the death of John Swinford on Feb. 3. Before John’s health failed his knowledge of most of the citizenry of Cynthiana and Harrison County was second to none. John was extremely proud of Harrison County and all of its good citizens. He was also proud to be a lawyer and was an extremely honorable member of that profession. I am not nearly a good enough wordsmith to write this accolade, but I must try.

  • $110 million upgrade to Commonwealth Stadium

    FRANKFORT – Although the Kentucky House of Representatives considers a wide variety of bills during any given week of a legislative session, there are times when broad themes emerge.  We had three last week, and they affected our universities, our farmers and our legal system.

  • So... hows business?

    How’s business?
    That’s a question I often get asked. Now, whether they are asking just as greeting or truly want to know how the newspaper business is going is anyone’s guess.
    My response is generally that it’s all good.
    In light of reports of newspapers having to reduce staff and even close in some instances, and all media for that matter, makes the “How’s business?” question much more relevant these days.
    It’s been a tough economy all over. Many people have found themselves or a spouse without jobs.

  • Issues in our state government

    To the editor:

  • ‘A clean office is the sign of a cluttered mind’

    Hand me that photo.
    Which photo?
    The one beside that stack of papers.
    Which stack of papers?
    The stack that just fell into the floor!!!
    Anyone with office space can recall a time that you have turned around and it appears that an F5 tornado just made its way into your office, leaving behind a trail and multiple piles of paper and in some cases pretzel sticks.
    Can you judge a person by the way they keep their office?
    Can you judge someone by how much they become unnerved when you tilt a framed photo on their wall?

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle

    1. *The knight on the Oscar statuette holds one
    6. *Possible best director
    9. Sound of passing bullet?
    13. Taekwondo country
    14. ___ of Good Feelings
    15. Twofold
    16. Relating to Quechuan people
    17. Energy unit
    18. To set someone free
    19. Bruce Wayne’s Batman, e.g.
    21. *Historical drama and Oscar nominee
    23. Feline cry
    24. Secretary, e.g.
    25. a.k.a. American Gas Association
    28. Cleanse
    30. Gather, as in courage, e.g.
    35. Make fun of