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  • A thanks from Colemansville Christian Church



    To the editor:

    The members of Colemansville Christian Church would like to thank everyone who gave donations to help make our new roof possible. A special thanks to Levi Yoder, Ervin Yoder, Daniel Yoder and Matt Braunbeger for a job well done.

  • More fire protection for the northern part of the county

    To the editor:

    Living in the north end of Harrison County, I have big concerns about who is going to answer the fire calls out here since there has been some changes made -- big changes that may affect insurance rates, or may not. Do we in the Berry area have an A-rating or have we gone down hill?

  • Royal baby should not be the center of our lives

    I trust that the British Secret Service will not be making its way into my home after the following article due to a concern raised about my feelings toward the royal baby.

    Despite my happiness for Will and Kate giving birth to a healthy baby boy, I still am sad about the priorities of many Americans who have put their lives on hold during their anticipation for the arrival of the little nipper.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Hospital’s CAT and PET
    6. Deadeye’s forte
    9. Song “Sixteen ____”
    13. Essay theme
    14. Often precedes “bum” or “bunny”
    15. Blender button
    16. Swelling
    17. *Princess fairy tale tormentor
    18. In pieces
    19. *Shooters and keepsies game
    21. *Roald Dahl title character
    23. It’s often served at Thanksgiving
    24. Bad habit
    25. As opposed to a hook or cross
    28. Gauche or Droite in Paris

  • A little help on my street, please

    To the editor:

    The population of “feral” cats is multitudinous and multiplying. I have several neighbors who feed them on their front porches out of the goodness of their hearts, but do not claim ownership of them. Therefore, they are neither spayed nor neutered.  

  • Leaders hiding Sunshine Law behind cloud

    For years you have read my stories, columns and editorials about how different entities violated Kentucky statutes by closing government meetings when there wasn’t a valid reason behind the decision.

    Recent actions of our leaders make it obvious that they don’t understand that our legislators developed the Kentucky Open Meetings Law to keep the public’s business public. 

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution