Today's Opinions

  • Celebrating 237 years of freedom

    On Thursday this week, our nation will celebrate the 237th anniversary of its independence.
    The holiday falls just past the halfway point of the calendar year and is often thought of as the mid-point of summer as well.  In addition to holding parades, shooting fireworks and enjoying cookouts, it’s also a good time to recognize some of the great things going on in the commonwealth.
    To begin with, we can take pride in the fact that Kentucky’s contribution to our country’s defense is stronger than ever.

  • Hurry back Biancke's

    To the editor:
    Wednesday my daughter called me on her way from the Dr. She said, mom, Biancke’s is on fire.”
    I could not believe that one day after we had a wonderful breakfast with her grandson and my great-grandson, this could be happening.
    All my memories of Cynthiana have had this wonderful place and it has had a part in my life on many, many happy occasions.

  • Thanks for prayers and concerns

    To the editor:
    First off let me say thank you for your concern about my brother. This goes for those in the community that called the Democrat to ask for an update. We are very greatful for your concern and prayers.

  • Historic Biancke’s will no doubt rebound

    Like most everyone else in Cynthiana, when the news circulated that our beloved Biancke’s Restaurant was on fire, I was deeply saddened.
    I was out of town and unable to see for myself what was going on. However, initial reports were that it would be a total loss.
    When Thursday dawned, however, the future looked much brighter for Mary Todd and the Biancke’s crew.
    By all accounts, Biancke’s front door was like a revolving door of volunteers helping to clean up a mess left by fire, smoke and water.
    It could have been much worse.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. L on clothes
    6. Chicken _ __ king
    9. Russia’s 1917 abdicator
    13. Bake an egg
    14. Used for styling
    15. Actress _____ Hunter
    16. Interior decoration
    17. Where bug is snug?
    18. Fill with optimism
    19. *______phobia, fear of large things
    21. *______mania, obsession for washing oneself
    23. Chester White’s home
    24. Get what you sow
    25. One who plays for pay
    28. Crowning point
    30. Dog stand staple
    35. Hit the road

  • Have respect for cemetery property

    To the editor:

  • Downtown support is appreciated

    To the editor:
    The Cynthiana High School Alumni Association wishes to thank the downtown merchants for allowing their windows to be decorated in celebrating CHS Alumni Week, the City officials, Biancke’s, the museum and the library.
    Mildred Hehr
    Cynthiana, Ky.