Today's Opinions

  • It will not be forever, it just seems like it

    My youngest child, err young man, is leaving the nest.

    Actually, he left “the nest” a long time ago, he just forgot to take his junque.

    Now, however, he is not only vacating the nest, he’s leaving the state.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Website visitors
    6. Had a meal
    9. You, archaic
    13. 1995 thriller starring Brad Pitt
    14. Used in some salons
    15. Some can be slippery
    16. Naked protozoa
    17. *Picnic crasher
    18. Cliffside dwelling
    19. *It lights the air
    21. *Where many long to be in summer
    23. Prompter’s line
    24. “The Sun ___ Rises”
    25. U.K. broadcaster
    28. Delhi wrap
    30. Large sea ducks
    35. Place of origin
    37. *It’s up?

  • A thanks from Colemansville Christian Church



    To the editor:

    The members of Colemansville Christian Church would like to thank everyone who gave donations to help make our new roof possible. A special thanks to Levi Yoder, Ervin Yoder, Daniel Yoder and Matt Braunbeger for a job well done.

  • More fire protection for the northern part of the county

    To the editor:

    Living in the north end of Harrison County, I have big concerns about who is going to answer the fire calls out here since there has been some changes made -- big changes that may affect insurance rates, or may not. Do we in the Berry area have an A-rating or have we gone down hill?

  • Royal baby should not be the center of our lives

    I trust that the British Secret Service will not be making its way into my home after the following article due to a concern raised about my feelings toward the royal baby.

    Despite my happiness for Will and Kate giving birth to a healthy baby boy, I still am sad about the priorities of many Americans who have put their lives on hold during their anticipation for the arrival of the little nipper.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Hospital’s CAT and PET
    6. Deadeye’s forte
    9. Song “Sixteen ____”
    13. Essay theme
    14. Often precedes “bum” or “bunny”
    15. Blender button
    16. Swelling
    17. *Princess fairy tale tormentor
    18. In pieces
    19. *Shooters and keepsies game
    21. *Roald Dahl title character
    23. It’s often served at Thanksgiving
    24. Bad habit
    25. As opposed to a hook or cross
    28. Gauche or Droite in Paris