Today's Opinions

  • A legislative perspective on the Kentucky General Assembly

    FRANKFORT – Every decade, not long after the Census updates us on population changes across the country, all state governments are called upon to re-draw geographic boundaries for many of their elected offices.

  • Rod Run Caused Best Traffic Jam Ever

    We can’t speak for the people who were just passing through Cynthiana on Main Street last Saturday, but in our opinion, the Cynthiana Rod Run caused one of the best traffic jams in the history of downtown.

    In fact, if families had any sense at all, they would have simply found an open space to park and joined in the festivities.

  • Back to School Photos are Distasteful

    To the editor:

    Each year after the first day of school, the Cynthiana Democrat publishes photos taken at the elementary schools. Some are of children are attending school for the first time. Invariably photos are included which show some of these children crying. What is the point of this?

  • Many Thanks to Dr. Stephen's Staff

    To the editor:

    I want to thank the staff of Don Stephens for their service to the patients of the doctor. They are a group of women who tirelessly worked to schedule, work out billing problems, whatever was necessary.

  • It's a new beginning, but not entirely

    It’s not fair.

    Over the weekend, I took in a showing of “We’re the Millers” at the Fayette Mall Cinemas in Lexington with my wife, Pam, and my hostdaughter from Switzerland, Lea Buchel. 

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Group of wives
    6. *Requires parental involvement
    9. Cyberspace soliloquy
    13. Yawning
    14. Barley bristle
    15. It’s controversial in fight against crime
    16. Japanese bed
    17. Decompose
    18. *Found in art class
    19. *Pedagogue
    21. *Energy outlet
    23. Magic’s infection
    24. It often holds 24
    25. Tax pro
    28. First female Attorney General
    30. Breath freshener
    35. Two quarters
    37. Grannies
    39. Top of Lady Liberty

  • Taking a leap of faith

    So the time to say farewell to family, friends and all of the Democrat readers has come.

    I’m sure in our small community, rumors of me leaving the Democrat and Harrison County for that matter, have made their way into several conversations in the past few months.