Today's Opinions

  • The kids are all right ... but they could certainly use our help

    Was there ever a time when the world wasn’t coming to an end?

  • Reader appreciates tribute to veterans in Democrat

    To the editor:
    I want to express my deep appreciation to The Democrat for publishing a special tribute to all those who have served our country, both past and present. It is not only patriotic to provide this service but also it shows sincere honor and respect. At a time when we observe some of our officials showing absolute neglect and even disdain for veterans’ benefits, it is commendable to see someone doing the right thing.

  • Bypass should be 27, not 62

    To the editor:
    I think since the newly opened by-pass around Cynthiana runs on the west side of our town from US 27 on the north side to US 27 on the south side, it should be called US 27 by-pass and the old US 27 through town should be named US 27 business. I don’t agree with it being called US 62 in any way.
    Steve Jackson
    Cynthiana, Ky.

  • A warm welcome to the Season of Giving

    The giving season is upon  us and there are so many ways to help others -- here at home or across the globe.
    Each year the Christmas Angel program, which is managed through the Family Resource Centers, grows beyond everyone’s expectations. Somehow, though, the needs are met and there are children who wake up Christmas morning to gifts they wouldn’t otherwise receive.
    Through an application process, families who have fallen on tough times submit gift ideas for their child or children.

  • There are good people in this world

    To the editor:
    There are still a lot of good people in the world. We seem only hear of the bad ones.
    Sunday after I left church I stopped by Lee’s Famous Recipe to pick up some lunch for myself. Placed my order and when I drove up to pay for my meal, the young lady said, “The individual in front of you just paid for your lunch.”  
    I thanked her and drove off. On the way home I was thinking “Pay it forward” and that is what I will do sometime.  
    Thank you whoever you are, you made my day much brighter.

  • They ain't no ladies, they are bugs.

    I cannot allow the Halloween edition of this paper to pass without raising the alarm about something truly terrifying. As a horror movie fan, I am familiar with many of the things that fill us with revulsion, feed our nightmares and quite possibly originate from paid government scientists playing in God’s domain.
    I had no idea what that terrible thing was until I arrived home last Monday night.

  • Will Roundabout be "Traffic Calming Circle" or "CRASH?"

    Think Hank Jr.: Are you ready for the roundabout?

  • Cynthiana United Community Fund an excellent way to help locally

    To the editor:
    The United Community Fund has been working in Cynthiana and Harrison County since 1972 to raise funds for local community needs such as assisting families in crisis, developing children, helping seniors and encouraging the health and well being of our community.