Today's Opinions

  • Church News

    Just a reminder that City on a Hill Church is no longer meeting at the old Berry Lumber Co. Building. We are now holding services every Sunday in the Community room at the Cynthiana-Harrison County Public Library.
    Connect time is 9-9:45 a.m. for some recreation and Bible Study for our youth with the youth Pastor. Adults will also meet for fellowship in the community room at these times. Service will begin at 10 a.m. with live worship. Come as you are and worship with us.

  • Mailbag

    To the editor:
    In response to Lee Kendall’s excellent article, I have some words that might explain our situation.
    Manners, respect, discipline, responsibility, and consequences.
    These words are meaningless nowadays for children and adults.
    We are now in the third generation of this degradation.
    This started with removing control from teachers and on up to the same for cops. No consequences.
    A three day suspension for a rouge student is a three day holiday on the streets.

  • Mailbag

    To the editor:
    My daughter attends school at Harrison County Middle School. I am writing to you today because there is a lack of support for the Harrison County Speech Team! I must strongly urge you to find the support for the Speech Team that is given to the volleyball, baseball, football, basketball or cheer teams. Public speaking is essential for children developing into young adults. Many teachers require students to participate in a project/or speech in the class room, but the students are never properly taught how to give a speech or tell a story.

  • Mailbag

    To the editor:
    I, Randy Smith Watson, am a Abstract Artist, with five pieces of art for sale in the Abstract Distractions shop in town.
    I am a Vietnam veteran, combat infantry, with 26 years in the U.S. Army. I am a life member of the D.A.V. - Disabled American Veterans. My wife, Jane, is a life member of the D.A.V. Auxiliary.
    We own our home at 65 Spruce Drive. We love Cynthiana, Ky.

  • Mailbag

    To the editor:
    The unfortunate events of the last Democrat presidential primary are set to repeat here in Kentucky in the 6th Congressional District. Andy Barr is the current office holder and is likely to win to the overall race, but there are at least four challengers on the other side.

  • Senator Steve West’s legislative update...session nears the end

    As we draw closer to the end of the 2018 Regular Session, there has been no shortage of movement on significant bills in Frankfort this week. The Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee has spent several days and some late nights working on the Senate’s budget proposal, which we expect to go before the committee soon.

  • Viewpoint

    It’s that time of year when outr city and county leaders are, like the state legislators, looking at the budget.
    Every year, different well-deserving groups make their plea for funding support.
    Unfortunately, no matter how well-deserved the groups may be, their requests may get either denied or cut this year.
    Commissioner Mark Mattmiller told fellow Cynthiana City Commissioners Tuesday that they need to look at what they give to those groups.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. Birth-related
    6. Post-U.S.S.R. acronym
    9. Like white-headed eagle
    13. ____ and desist
    14. In the manner of, French
    15. F, unit of electrical capacity
    16. Blood line
    17. Neighbor of Ger.
    18. Upright
    19. *San ____, 2018 Final Four spot
    21. *NCAA’s selection day
    23. Color of Scare
    24. Bring home the bacon
    25. ____ cry
    28. ____ ex machina
    30. ____ ____ the hook
    35. Big-ticket ____
    37. Play parts
    39. Gulf of Naples resort