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  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. TV’s Donald Draper, e.g.
    6. ___ of Good Feelings
    9. Type of ski lift
    13. *Yellow cheese eaten in Amsterdam?
    14. No amount
    15. *Rome’s Colosseum
    16. *You use it to find your way to world capitals
    17. Maltese or Havanese, e.g.
    18. European finch
    19. Blood infection
    21. *Plato’s home
    23. “The Joy Luck Club” author
    24. Sound of bells
    25. Maple syrup precursor
    28. Computer application command

  • Getting lost, then discovering I was on the right path all along

    My first drive up to Cynthiana was breathtaking. Living in Lexington for three years, I had never truly seen “horse country.” I thought horse country was Lexington. But the drive on US 27 is lush, rolling hills and acres of farm land.
    I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived in Cynthiana. Of course, I did  my research, found out the history of Cynthiana and read a few Democrats in preparation.

  • Reader applauds camp end with church worship

    To the editor:

    On Sunday August 3rd, coach Jim Carr & staff brought the HCHS football team to Elmarch United Methodist Church for a time of worship & fellowship.followed by a good meal. This was the final day of his football camp. I commend him for doing this.
    Thank God he has the courage and heart to conclude his camp with a day of worship. What we plant today, we will reap tomorrow and these are good  seeds planted by a good man. Whether his team wins or loses, they have already won in the eyes of the Lord.

    George Bradford

  • UK Ag students thank Butch Case

    To the editor:

    Bob Heister and I are “non-traditional” students at the University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Department of Horticulture.
    Last year we decided we would grow an orchard of Aronia. In May 2014, we planted 600 Aronia plants on a one-acre plot in Harrison County.

  • There's 200 years worth of experience looking at you

    At a special called meeting of the Harrison County School Board Tuesday night, the administration and board members paid tribute to 11 people retiring from service to the school system and the community.
    Seven of those people were able to attend the annual ceremony.

  • Water day organizer says thanks for the support

    To the editor:

  • Letter to the Editor: Basketball coach thanks local businesses for their support

    To the editor:
    We finished our annual youth camp this past week. Camp was well attended with 86 campers per day. Our community once again stepped up in grand fashion.
    I would like to thank each of the businesses that contributed to success of the camp; from the basketball shirts, pizza, tacos, cookies, ice cream and sundaes.
    Thanks to parents, grandparents, and anonymous donors for sponsoring the kids. This was the best camp to date. Cynthiana is a great community to live in.
    Support our Thorobreds this coming season. Gonna be a fun ride.