Today's Opinions

  • 114th State Fair coming up, Aug. 16-26

    As a people who brim with pride for our state, each year Kentuckians of all backgrounds have an opportunity to embrace one of the Commonwealth’s time-honored traditions: the Kentucky State Fair.
    Growing up as a farm kid in Scott County, I would count down the days until I visited with Freddy Farm Bureau, watched livestock shows, and chowed down on a Kentucky Pork Producers sandwich.

  • Viewpoint

    When Don Henley gave his induction speech into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Eagles, he made a comment about the band’s business manager, Irving Azoff.
    Apparently, Azoff was known far and wide as being doggedly supportive of the Eagles, to the point that he was hated and despised by everyone trying to business with the California-based band.
    “Irving Azoff might be thought of by many to be Satan,” Henley mused. “But he’s our Satan.”
    ...Which has very little to do with the rest of this column.

  • Candidate endorsements for the November general election

    As the Nov. 6, 2018, general election draws near, candidates will begin lining up their followers to write endorsement letters to the newspaper.
    We welcome those local letters. Local being the operative word here.
    We won’t accept letters of mass mailings. With e-mail so prevalent, it’s tougher to determine “mass mailings.” However, if someone sends a letter from Indianapolis endorsing one of our local hopefuls, it’s pretty obvious that it’s from a mailing list.

  • Kudos to Gruber and Boyd’s Station Project

    To the editor:
    I want to thank Jack Gruber, founder of Boyd’s Station Project 306.36 and Arden Barnes and Michael Swenson for their amazing presentation of the images of Harrison County last Saturday at the Rohs. The storytelling about each picture was very interesting.
    It is exciting to think this will be a yearly event to document our county and its residents and the impact it can have on our community. For those who missed this year, I encourage you to attend next year.

  • Slade endorses Coulson in State Rep. race

    To the editor:
    For many years I have worked with and served along side great people of differing political views. On the local level we have to make decisions based on the greater good and not along party lines. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could see this at the state level?  There is a candidate running for State Representative in our district who has the heart of a servant and isn’t your typical politician. This man is Greg Coulson.

  • Todd McCall Memorial Shoot demonstrates good with guns

    To the editor:
    I grew up during the famous 1960’s in Harrison county...Coach Jock  Sutherland era at the high school. Not a lot of talk of gun laws back then, yet fried squirrel in our kitchen was proof enough that guns were readily available .
    In 1982 I left Kentucky for a job offer in Columbus Ohio, employment which  led me to St Louis, Baltimore, and Wichita Kansas. By the time I returned  home to Ky in 2011, squirrels seemed in short supply but guns were in the news  more than ever all across our land.

  • And a river ran through it

    By Scott Grannis, guest columnist

    Yes, I’m borrowing the title from that movie for this story. But it fits better than anything I could have made up. I’ve lived my entire life in Harrison county, never left for college or anything . And I’ve never lived more than a half mile from the banks of the Licking River that slowly meanders through our little county.

  • Rededication of the Lair Presbyterian Church, 1946