Today's Opinions

  • 19 Conner grads from HCHS

    To the editor:
    Recently I received a notice about my graduation class having a luncheon  sometime in October which got me to  thinking about the number of my Family  members who have graduated from or are currently attending HCHS.
    After  consulting with other relatives, we have compiled a list of 19 Conner Family  members which we feel may be the largest Family with HCHS representation.

  • Embarrassed by reception for Gov. Bevin

    To the editor:
    Cynthiana was the host to a town hall meeting by our Kentucky Governor on Friday, Sept. 14.  During this event, our community was on display providing communication to our State leaders and the business community.    We had a chance to promote our community while questioning and understanding the Governor’s plan for the State.

  • Constitution Week needs to be celebrated

    The week of Sept. 17-23 has been set aside as Constitution Week, with Sept. 17 being Constitution Day,  and is being observed in the Harrison County School District, as teachers have incorporated different aspects of the US Constitution in their lesson plans.
    Constitution Week was originally the brain-child of the Daughters of the American Revolution and was enacted by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956. In 2002, President George H.W. Bush officially declared the inception of Constitution Week.

  • Mailbag

    To the editor:
    I‘m boycotting the gas stations in Cynthiana. Prices are consistently 20 to 40 cents per gallon higher than neighboring Georgetown and Paris.
     Greed is the only reason our prices are so much higher, and the people it hits hardest are those who do all their business in our community. The inflated prices particularly exploit our senior citizens and others who rarely drive out of the area.

  • Mailbag

    To the editor:
    Being a United States Air Force veteran and proud citizen of this great country I’m proud to see the symbol of our Democracy displayed everywhere I go.
    Our flag represents our veterans who have served, fought, or died protecting its very essence. It serves as a proud symbol for each and every one of our citizens. The white stripes symbolize purity and innocence, the red stripes symbolize hardiness and valor, and the blue stripes represent vigilance, perseverance and justice. All 50 stars are recognized.

  • Mailbag

    To the editor:
    Seemingly every week, Flora Shropshire Animal Shelter is at full capacity.  With Harrison County being a fairly large area, it isn’t surprising to  learn that a few stray dogs and cats are found on a regular basis.
    However,  the recent volume of animals dropped at the shelter is so high that some of  the animals are having to share crates and runs, thus creating never-ending  work for such a small staff.

  • Viewpoint

    My faith in the younger generation has been restored.
    Two weeks ago, a letter to the editor was published from Margaret Watson, volunteer organizer for the Harrison County Food Pantry. She applauded past efforts of the public to help keep the shelves stocked.
    She also lamented the fact that donations are down and fall break is fast approaching.
    She said that returning to school puts a financial crunch on families so this time of year is crucial for donations.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. Hunk
    5. Cough syrup amt.
    8. “Scene one, ____ one”
    12. Grand theft target
    13. Broflovski of “South Park”
    14. Polished surface of gem
    15. Simpleton
    16. A in A = b x h
    17. Tarzan’s swing rope
    18. *Dream football destination
    20. Medley
    21. Olden-day Celts
    22. *Mo. of NFL preseason games
    23. Confine a river
    26. Khufu’s resting place
    30. ____ Tsu
    31. First little piggy
    34. List of chores