• Crossword Puzzle


    1. Fastener
    6. Hermey, e.g.
    9. Thunderous character
    13. One who avoids company
    14. ___ Kilmer
    15. Southern chicken stew
    16. Grossly unconventional
    17. One of Bo Peep’s flock?
    18. Daytime host
    19. *Peter or Lois or one of their children
    21. Onion-like bulb
    23. Blue feeling
    24. Better ____ Ezra, band
    25. DNA transmitter
    28. Alternative for Liz?
    30. *Todd or Tina or Timmy

  • Farmer's Market is a must

    To the editor:

    A couple of Saturdays ago, as I was driving between Frankfort and Lexington, I received a phone call telling me that my name had been drawn to win a gift basket from the farmers’ market in Cynthiana.
    I was surprised, since I never win anything, and since I didn’t remember entering. I then recalled that I had quickly scrawled my name and phone number on a ticket a week before when I stopped to get some corn.

  • Downtown was more than alive

    To the editor:
    To the planners, coordinators, workers, promoters, participants and spectators, a big congrats.
    Probably the biggest crowd in Cynthiana I can remember in a long, long time. Yeah, there were a few glitches along the way but it was Cynthiana’s first Rod Run and there’s always ways to improve the future.
    To the folks who thought it was too congested, noisy and not worth it-sorry! Cynthiana was alive and bustling again that day, something that needs to happen a whole lot more frequently.

  • Progress should not interfere with daily travel

    To the editor:
    Today I had occasion to turn into the alley between the Catholic church/school and the firehouse/gym. At the stop sign the way was blocked by a truck and trailer unloading wood. As I, correctly I believe, pointed out to the crew, its illegal to block a through-way for emergency reasons.
    I wanted to apologize for over estimating the source, as I am aware that its takes a modicum of brain cells to either put a cone at the entrance or move truck/trailer four feet ahead.

  • Thanks to all the football boosters

    To the editor:
    On Aug. 4, the Harrison County Football boosters recognized our parents, Harold and Ann Clinkenbeard, for their longtime support of the Harrison County football program.
    We would like to thank the association for honoring our mom with a very nice plaque and the kind and heartfelt words spoken at the banquet.
    Mom and dad not only supported Breds football. They regularly drycleaned band uniforms and cheerleader outfits as a service to those programs.

  • More free cat and dog spay/neuters

    To the editor:
    I am writing to tell your readers about a wonderful monetary grant the Humane Society of Harrison County has received from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Because of this new funding we have been able to increase the number of free cat and dog spay/neuters we do monthly from 24 to 30 in our spay/neuter drawing program. All quality veterinary care is provided by Brooks Animal Clinic and Harrison Vet Clinic.

  • Celebrating 20 Years of Kid’s College

    To the editor:
    Kids College 2012 was wildly successful. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the 159 children who attended Kids College this year as well as their parents for allowing them to participate.
    The children were able to experience a variety of classes. Some classes where familiar favorites from the past and some brand new. This program has grown into a community favorite over the 20 years that it has been offered and that would not be possible without the help of many people.

  • Food Pantry low on funds

    To the editor:
    It is time for an update on the food pantry. The pantry has been doing real well through the past two months but with school being out and the recession being bad, it has finally caught up with us and we are now feeling the pinch.
    We have seen more clients in this summer, some are new one and then some that has not been there for a year or so, with this being the case, it means we have had to purchase more. The donations, monetary and food drives have been down and it is beginning to hit us.

  • River is not a trash can

    To the editor:
    I went fishing in the river and while I was wading couldn’t help noticing trash which is always sadly expected. You can’t go anywhere in the world without seeing human garbage but what surprised me was the amount of tires in the water. I’m sure not all of them are from this county and for a lot of folks including myself every dollar counts in todays times but discarding tires in our waterways isn’t the answer.

  • Thanks for all the community support

    To the editor:
    It is an honor to follow Mike Reitz as head coach of the Thorobred basketball program. I’m optimistic about the upcoming basketball season. We recently completed a youth basketball camp and we entertained a total of 91 future Thorobred campers during the week. Community involvement enhanced our week.