• More fire protection for the northern part of the county

    To the editor:

    Living in the north end of Harrison County, I have big concerns about who is going to answer the fire calls out here since there has been some changes made -- big changes that may affect insurance rates, or may not. Do we in the Berry area have an A-rating or have we gone down hill?

  • A little help on my street, please

    To the editor:

    The population of “feral” cats is multitudinous and multiplying. I have several neighbors who feed them on their front porches out of the goodness of their hearts, but do not claim ownership of them. Therefore, they are neither spayed nor neutered.  

  • Class of 1963 looking for classmates

    To the editor:

    The class of 1963 will be celebrating its 50th class reunion on Saturday, Aug. 17, at the Prizing House.

    Any classmates,former classmates, or teacher are invited to join the fun. We are trying to locate all our graduating class and need your help.

  • 40th reunion for class of '73

    To the editor:

    The Class of Harrison County 1973 is busy planning its 40th reunion. We are missing several addresses and would love for everyone to attend. Our plans are Aug. 3, 2013, we will meet at the Elks Lodge in Cynthiana, Ky. at 6 p.m. Following the social hour we will meet and greet and have dinner from 7-8. From the 8 p.m.-12 a.m. time frame we will talk, dance and socialize.

  • Celebrating 237 years of freedom

    On Thursday this week, our nation will celebrate the 237th anniversary of its independence.
    The holiday falls just past the halfway point of the calendar year and is often thought of as the mid-point of summer as well.  In addition to holding parades, shooting fireworks and enjoying cookouts, it’s also a good time to recognize some of the great things going on in the commonwealth.
    To begin with, we can take pride in the fact that Kentucky’s contribution to our country’s defense is stronger than ever.

  • Hurry back Biancke's

    To the editor:
    Wednesday my daughter called me on her way from the Dr. She said, mom, Biancke’s is on fire.”
    I could not believe that one day after we had a wonderful breakfast with her grandson and my great-grandson, this could be happening.
    All my memories of Cynthiana have had this wonderful place and it has had a part in my life on many, many happy occasions.

  • Thanks for prayers and concerns

    To the editor:
    First off let me say thank you for your concern about my brother. This goes for those in the community that called the Democrat to ask for an update. We are very greatful for your concern and prayers.

  • Have respect for cemetery property

    To the editor:

  • Downtown support is appreciated

    To the editor:
    The Cynthiana High School Alumni Association wishes to thank the downtown merchants for allowing their windows to be decorated in celebrating CHS Alumni Week, the City officials, Biancke’s, the museum and the library.
    Mildred Hehr
    Cynthiana, Ky.

  • Fire Dept. does not support north county

    To the editor: