• Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. Salmon deposit
    6. Old age, archaic
    9. Bagpiper’s garb
    13. Hawaiian veranda
    14. Big Island flower necklace
    15. Helper
    16. V.C. Andrews’ “Flowers in the ____”
    17. Uno ___ or one more
    18. 4 x 4 race
    19. *”Water of life”
    21. *Shamrock
    23. ____ Aviv
    24. Rumpelstiltskin’s weaver
    25. Wildebeest
    28. Mega Bloks competitor
    30. *Outdoor St. Patrick’s Day event
    35. Starting point on way to riches

  • This week in the State Capitol

    This week in Frankfort marked the halfway point of the 2018 Legislative Session. Kentucky is a robust state, with many incredibly good traits and some serious issues still to tackle.
    Every two years in Frankfort, the legislature is charged with crafting a budget to fund important government programs like education, health care and transportation, just to name a few. Every two years, Kentuckians descend on Frankfort to make the case for funding certain programs, and this year is certainly no different.

  • Viewpoint

    After last week’s mass-killing by a lone gunman at Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, much has been bandied about concerning how to prevent such horrific incidences.
    I don’t purport to have any solutions to the rise in mass shootings, particularly in schools.
    Is it a mental health issue? Is it a case of violent movies and video games desensitizing young people? Is it an issue related to guns, specifically assault rifles?
    It is a complicated issue that needs to be addressed, however.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. Can’t stomach
    6. Styling goo
    9. Hightailed it
    13. Ten million, in India
    14. “____ takers?”
    15. Like a girl
    16. Spanish small plates
    17. School of thought suffix
    18. Pay hike
    19. *Oscar nominated meet-the-parents thriller
    21. *He played Getty
    23. Right-angle building extension
    24. Splints site
    25. Mammoth site, e.g.
    28. Write on a tombstone
    30. Self-centeredness
    35. Land measure
    37. Crucifix

  • The pace quickens; critical legislation moves

     In Frankfort, diligent work continues on a pension reform proposal and a responsible budget. As those two issues consume much time and effort, there are also several other critical bills moving through the House.

  • Calling off school is no easy task

        Let’s talk snow days. Lee Kendall, a terrific writer and commentator on life in general, has given you a clear eyed view of the effect of snow days. There is not one single thing he wrote that I would argue with, but it did occur to me that I also have a point of view about the dreaded snow day calling.

  • Viewpoint

    Dear Spring,
    I’m ready. I’ve waited (im)patiently while your predecessor has made hit after hit on us.
    I’m ready for Old Man Winter to gather up his dingy, gray snow and ice, his biting wind and frosty mornings and hit the road.
    I realize that it’s early.  And that according to the pudgy rodent in Pennsylvania, we still have six weeks of bad weather to endure. However, taking into consideration all of the Global Warming mish mosh, I believe that Winter should just bow out now.

  • Sen. Steve West’s legislative update

                 This week was the busiest yet in Frankfort with a number of bills moving through committees and on to the Senate and House floors for votes.
      We were also visited by a number of statewide advocacy groups that
    championed their great causes and rallied in the Capitol Rotunda.
       Between visiting constituents, committee meetings, and voting on the
    Senate floor, we continued to discuss the upcoming budget.

  • Viewpoint

    My, how times have changed. Sometimes not for the better.
    I’m sitting here in the office, finishing up this column for the newspaper, wondering why there wasn’t school today in Harrison County and a dozen or so other counties in the region.
    I can’t speak to the other counties, but as for us, it doesn’t seem like the roads are too bad at all.
    I can only attribute our school closing to another weather forecast that didn’t quite live up to its expectations of impending disaster.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. Nerds
    6. *Dad’s Valentine
    9. *Seal with a kiss and do this
    13. Marconi’s wireless telegraphy
    14. Nightcap rocks
    15. Relish tastebuds’ sensation
    16. Fervor
    17. “Le ____ des cygnes”
    18. Togetherness
    19. *Botanical Valentine’s Day gift, pl.
    21. *Romantic taper
    23. *Princess Jasmine’s love interest
    24. Per person
    25. Rub-a-dub-____
    28. Distressed cry
    30. Asphalt alternative