• Pomp and Circumstance all around

    Just look around, there are caps and gowns floating up and down aisles in schools and colleges all across this country. Yes, even right here in our own river city, Cynthiana.
    Since I just arrived home this evening from attending the Licking Valley Campus graduation, I am full of success stories about students I know who walked across the stage. And there are just as many stories about those students that I did not get to know as we attended classes on the hill.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. “____ Mouth” band
    6. *Special day honoree
    9. Gumbo pod
    13. Santa Maria companion
    14. *Ovine mom
    15. “He’s ____ ____ nowhere man,” Beatles
    16. SAG member
    17. *Sean Lennon’s mom
    18. Bottled up
    19. *TV’s “Blackish” mom
    21. *President who designated official Mother’s Day
    23. Thou, today
    24. ____ of Man
    25. *Rebecca Pearson’s and Clair Huxtable’s network
    28. CISC alternative

  • Hemp ... a product with many uses

    We are just around a month away from the first annual Kentucky Hemp Days festival held right here in Cynthiana. On Saturday, June 9, downtown Cynthiana will be a hub of information, vendors and speakers on the hemp industry and its impact on Kentucky.
    Did you know that Harrison County hosts the first and largest hemp crop in decades? We are so excited for this event. Before we get into more details, lets talk about hemp.

  • Viewpoint

    Congratulations to Tomi Jean Clifford for the honors that are coming her way.
    She is thinking big for Cynthiana and Harrison County with her plans for the coming Hemp Days.
    Two weeks ago at the regular fiscal court meeting, she said she hoped that the inaugural Hemp Days, scheduled for Saturday, June 9, will evolve into something as big, or bigger than long-standing events that other communities have.
    Even though our celebration is just one day, Hemp Days, which is plural, might give some indication as to her thinking.

  • Help build our ‘pocket park’

    Have you ever heard of a pocket park?
    According to Wikipedia, a pocket park is a small park accessible to the general public, pocket parks are frequently created on a single vacant building lot or on small, irregular pieces of land.
    Cynthiana Main Street is excited to announce that we are building a pocket park downtown. The city has a vacant gravel lot on South Main Street that we want to turn into a nice, clean inviting space downtown.

  • Viewpoint

    April is winding down and if you have said anytime this month ... “There’s nothing to do,” it’s your own fault.
    Wow! What a busy month. And, there’s still this weekend to go.
    Sports on the Hilltop, while interrupted by all of the rain, there have still been a few events to attend.
    Then there was the candidate forum, which was very well attended for a nice Saturday morning and from there, many attended the Lincoln Day event at the Country Club.

  • crossword puzzle and answers
  • Viewpoint

    Starting with the Governor’s Office, and working on down to the General Assembly, it appears the Republican Party is making it easy for the Democrats to retake control of state government in the not-to-distant future.
    Governor Bevin has a terminal case of ‘hoof and mouth’, or is that ‘foot in mouth,’ disease.
    It seems he cannot help himself from alienating all state employees, particularly teachers.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    Earth Day
    Statepoint Crossword

    1. Caprese birthplace
    6. Vigor
    9. Opera house box
    13. Completely dedicated
    14. *Earth Day month, acronym
    15. Boiling kettle emission
    16. Dog collar attachment
    17. Lao-tzu follower
    18. Think tank output
    19. *Greenhouse gas
    21. *Green transportation
    23. U.N. labor issues org.
    24. Copper coin
    25. Unit of electrical resistance
    28. Short for “and elsewhere”
    30. Take for ransom

  • The story behind crape myrtles...and more

    Remember when Lewis Carroll’s Walrus said to the Carpenter, “We will talk of many things . . . of cabbages and kings?”
    If you don’t, it is a delightful poem you might like to read to your children or grandchildren or anyone under the age of 50.
    But to get to the point, my mind was racing this morning with possible subjects for our visit. So instead of doing the journalistic thing and sticking to one subject, let’s look at several.