• Lazy Day Garden: fun to watch grow

    Several years back now, I had Danny Gasser put in two five-foot-by-five-foot raised beds in our back yard.
    The idea was that with the raised beds my wheelchair-bound husband could continue raising his premium tomatoes. And he did the first year, but the ride in the chair over a bumpy yard proved to be more painful than we had first estimated.
    So the next year, I raised some lettuce, onions and broccoli and two tomato plants in the beds. But the third year came and went and there was no planting only lots of weeds and fallow ground wrapped up in the cross-tie beds.

  • Viewpoint

    Little things intrigue me, always have.
    I’m interested in the little known facts that may seem inconsequential to others. I, however, find them immensely entertaining.
    My friends often make fun of me for being a purveyor of useless information.
    I guess, useless information to some is brain food for others.
    In that vein,there are certain movies that are on TV that I will automatically watch, if I come across them.

  • Viewpoint

    I’m going to have to give kudos to the city officials for their recent decision to use Bourbon County Jail inmates for work needed around town.
    The prisoners have to be supervised by a police officer or someone who has gone through a 3-hour training session at the jail.
    Obviously, these prisoners are going to be those in jail for non-violent offenses.
    The county has frequently used prisoners for trash pickup along the highways. But as far as I know, this is the first time prisoners’ talents have been tapped to help out with other projects.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle

    1. Request to Geico, e.g.
    6. Short for oftentimes
    9. Plague carrier
    13. *Like a plant in Zone 2
    14. Column’s counterpart
    15. Exclude
    16. *More bitterly cold
    17. Computer-generated imagery
    18. One of Florida Keys
    19. *Fahrenheit alternative
    21. Nanking cotton
    23. Make weblike fabric
    24. Giant Himalayan
    25. Geological time period
    28. Russian parliament
    30. Join the military
    35. 100-meter ____
    37. One in a million

  • Ringling Bros Circus: the end of an era

    (Brad Deutser is president of Deutser LLC (www.deutser.com), a consulting firm that advises leaders and organizations about achieving clarity, especially in times of transition, growth or crisis. He previously worked for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus)

    From ring to ring, you have entertained. From generation to generation, you have brought families together. You have invited us in to witness and be a part of the Greatest Show on Earth.

  • Don’t forget those nurses on Derby Day

    The first Saturday in May is a Big, Big day, and I am not referring to the Derby. We Kentuckians are justly proud of the Derby, but after all how many of us really have seen, touched or been directly affected by these magnificent animals? Not many.
    But on the first Saturday in May we are going to have the opportunity to celebrate Nurses’ Day and I just bet that everyone in our reading audience has been positively affected at some point in their lives by a nurse or even  lots of nurses.

  • Viewpoint

    Our family got a scare on Tuesday, when we were told our grandson, Calvert, had been taken to the emergency room at Harrison Memorial Hospital.
    Calvert is a rather ‘busy’ lad, and his genetics are only gonna make it worse, I think. Right now, he is fearless and invincible, or so he thinks.
    Thoughts of him climbing somewhere, falling and breaking an arm or a leg, or sustaining a gash that required stitches, were not far-fetched.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle

    1. Old European thrusting spears
    6. Art degrees
    9. Slight amount, pl.
    13. African sorcery
    14. *Snowy one is endangered
    15. Prince’s “Raspberry ____”
    16. Former Greek coin
    17. Hawaiian token of farewell
    18. Make one
    19. *No more
    21. *Meatless day?
    23. Unknown power
    24. Texting button
    25. Roll of Benjamins, e.g.
    28. Noisy talk
    30. First among siblings
    35. Black tropical cuckoo
    37. Not Sunni