• Viewpoint

    Since the beginning of time, or close to it, the Cynthiana City Commission meetings have been held on the second floor of City Hall. And 99 percent of the time that’s fine.
    However, it’s not handicapped accessible. If someone wanted to attend a meeting of the commission and he or she could not climb the stairs, the city had to know in advance so it could make arrangements to have the meeting elsewhere.

  • Viewpoint

    Hats off to all the firefighters and other first responders that were able to contain Sunday’s downtown fire to just one building.
    As close as most buildings are to one another in the downtown area, it is amazing that the huge blaze that ultimately destroyed the two-story building owned by Hoss and Paula Wilson, didn’t spread.
    Another talking-point that the fire might have brought up, are the unsightly, and even dangerous, power-lines/telephone-lines that line the streets throughout Cynthiana.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle

    1. Tucks away
    6. Coca-Cola’s first calorie-free drink
    9. Draw ____
    13. Turkish bigwig
    14. Harry Potter’s Hedwig
    15. Anatomical sac
    16. Bet everything
    17. Ancient Chinese dynasty
    18. *Grammy winners Billy or Frank
    19. *2018 Grammy Awards host
    21. *2018 Grammys location
    23. Boy
    24. State of irritation
    25. Auto unit
    28. Toy building block
    30. Between knees and ankles
    35. Paella pot

  • When the sap rises...

    With most of the holiday finery now resting in dusty boxes for another year, we can settle down for ballgames, Valentines and snow days.
    The other day, a good friend, Beverly Cooper, made mention of sap rising. The conversation that followed revealed a remarkable local story.
    Did you have waffles with Maple syrup for Christmas breakfast? And, did you know how much work those few drops of syrup were?

  • Viewpoint

    For the last four decades I have had to write stories about burglaries and thefts at people’s homes.
    I always felt bad for the victims but I didn’t really know what they were going through or how they felt.
    Some of the victims attempted to tell me how violated they felt, how infringed upon they were and even frightened -- not feeling safe in their homes any longer.
    From the smallest theft to the largest, the insecurities and feelings of violation are the same.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Viewpoint

    Another Christmas has come and gone and Santa, again, made his rounds, which always jogs my memory of days gone by.
    As I get older, it seems I spend a lot more time reminiscing. You know, thinking about how things were when you were younger...maybe the  time when you were the age your grandchildren are now.
    This Christmas, Cal, my oldest grandchild at four years of age, received several trucks, some ‘guns’, some clothes and even a real-life video arcade from his second-cousin, my nephew, Jacob.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle

    1. Hose woes
    6. Bag to Coco Chanel
    9. Dart
    13. Dam
    14. *Public health research org.
    15. Pageant prize
    16. Not slouching
    17. Gershwin brother
    18. Slide to open
    19. *Exertion session
    21. *Lack of this can lead to sickness and weakness
    23. Partaker’s pronoun
    24. E-mailed
    25. Employment
    28. Homemade swing seat
    30. Wacko one
    35. Second-hand
    37. First rate
    39. Crossbeam
    40. International Civil Aviation Org.

  • Viewpoint

    For the first time in 34 years Ernie and I will be alone on Christmas Eve.
    This year is going to be a little different. My son, Seth, who lives in Florida, will not be coming home for Christmas.
    Instead, he will be Christmassing with his girlfriend’s family and then coming to Kentucky in January for a friend’s wedding.
    So, we are planning to put off Christmas giving, for the most part, until January. That gives me a couple  more weeks to procrastinate on my shopping.