• Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

    By Drew Fritz

    I hadn’t planned to spend hours poring over mostly forgotten bits of history in my father’s old dust-covered foot locker tucked away and almost lost in the tobacco barn that lazy summer afternoon, but that’s exactly what happened.
    My father was a changed man when he returned home from Pearl Harbor two years after the bombs began to fall on that hellish Sunday morning. He was never the timid type, but now he was downright fearless.

  • Viewpoint

    Before we lose the old year, I would like to thank Lee Kendall for reviving a Christmas memory with his column last week. Lee’s writing never fails to delight this reader, but this time he really hit a home run. Yes, yes I know he favors basketball, but an old saying is an old saying whether it totally fits or not!

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. Middle Eastern staple
    6. What I do with my little eye?
    9. Cookbook abbr.
    13. Potato State?
    14. Romanian money
    15. Sign of a saint, pl.
    16. *Rabbit’s first name
    17. Brow shape
    18. Like Bananas Foster
    19. *Scooby-Doo’s best friend
    21. *Eric of “South Park”
    23. *Mr. Duck, to friends
    24. Hippocrates’ promise
    25. TV tube in days yore
    28. Vegan’s staple
    30. Islamic scholars
    35. Hems and ____

  • 1912 Cynthiana Graded School
  • First Cynthiana Beauty Shop
  • Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

    (Part of this column is reprinted from December, 2017)
    This will be my last column before Christmas Day so I will jump the gun a little bit, and will devote this space to Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
    I have enjoyed taking pictures of all the little ones, and some not so little, who take advantage of the opportunities to sit on Santa’s lap and tell them whether they had been naughty or nice this past year. Sometimes, the littlest ones might be a little apprehensive about sitting on the big, strange looking fellow’s lap.

  • From bathrobed shepherds to Tiny Tim

     In the season of Christmas we often find ourselves becoming a better version of ourselves. We can also go the other way. It is a season of contradictions.
    For instance, how many of us have not loved seeing children dressed in quickly fashioned costumes of bathrobes and wire hanger angel wings? They take the stage and our hearts melt.
    Did we ever stop to think how this command performance has terrified the kids? They can barely move in the heavy costumes that don’t quite fit and are given words to say that seem to come from some far planet.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. *Store princesses
    6. Pop-ups
    9. Violin’s Renaissance predecessor
    13. Relating to axis
    14. *Like Cinderella Castle at night
    15. Lowest part of a ship
    16. Easily irritated
    17. North American country
    18. Ticked off
    19. *Mighty Ducks home base
    21. *Disney vacation
    23. Philosophical system
    24. Epidermis plus dermis
    25. School group
    28. Consideration
    30. Vandalize
    35. Performing ____
    37. Air of allure, slang

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. “An American in Paris” song “____-____-la”
    6. Fitness venue
    9. Five-star review
    13. Desert wanderer’s hope
    14. Debtor’s letters
    15. Sweet potato, e.g.
    16. Annoying tiny biters
    17. Greyhound, e.g.
    18. Lazybones
    19. *It runs on iOS
    21. *Swipe right, swipe left app
    23. *21st century of Common ____
    24. *Update an iPod
    25. Public health org.
    28. Diplomat’s forte
    30. V.I.P. in Hawaii

  • Viewpoint

    Congratulations to Andy Dotson on his pending retirement after the current school year ends.
    He has been the superintendent of schools for the Harrison County School District since 2008 and has been instrumental in making  this district one of the top districts in the state, by anyone’s measure.
    I was on the screening committee back in 2008 that narrowed the list of 30-plus applicants down to five or so for the school board to consider as the replacement for Dr. Roy Woodward.