• Having knowledge doesn’t make one smart

    An old man and a little girl were walking down the street. He appeared to be in his mid sixties, and she looked to be seven or eight years old. The street had considerable traffic.
    When it came time to cross, the little girl reached up to hold the old man’s hand. Without doubt, the girl was in much better physical shape than the old man. Her eyes and ears worked better, her reflexes were better, she could run faster and she was better coordinated.

  • Looking beyond deceptive titles

    When was the last time you read a book that was just plain fun? Now I don’t mean a comedic novel, but a real, down to earth genuine storytellers’ story? One that will take you back to challenges of your own life without being preachy or long winded?
    Also, do you remember the complete joy of Saturday afternoon movies complete with a cartoon, newsreel, previews, the movie itself and ah, the serial, for me the best part?

  • Viewpoint

    Oh beautiful flowering redbuds, I love your contribution to the spring landscapes. But you don’t love me.
    To the magnificent and sacred dogwood, whose pink and white blooms dot lawns and wooded areas, don’t be cruel.
    The Kentucky poplar tree isn’t very popular with me in the spring.
    Even the evergreens are donning new lushness during the spring.
    All these add up to an unhappy head and chest.

  • Main Street ‘pocket park’ to open soon

    Cynthiana Main Street is excited to announce that the downtown pocket park is almost complete.
    In April 2018, we hosted our very first pocket park fund raiser to help kick start the construction.
    Fast forward to a year later and over $22,000 raised, our park is almost complete. Through our efforts, we were able to raise the money needed to pour a concrete pad and new sidewalk, install perimeter fencing, build a privacy wall and purchase a small stage.

  • My favorite childhood trees

    Do you now or did you ever have a favorite tree? I just saw the description of a book about 60 famous trees, one over a century old. Checking my book budget, I saw I could not stretch it this time to cover the pricey freight. However, just reading smidges of the book in the online ad, did get me thinking about trees in my own past.
    Growing up on a mountain surrounded by trees, one would think it might be hard to narrow down your best. Always being a contrarian, I had no trouble determining which of those childhood trees were my favorites.

  • Viewpoint

    By Margaret Heltzel, Mary Withers Rural Writing fellow


  • Looking back at what we have planted


  • Viewpoint

    In the education business, it is not uncommon in Harrison County for teachers, who have the proper credentials, to be promoted to become principals and  other administrators.
    However, being promoted from within to become the district’s Superintendent of Schools appears to be another thing altogether.
    The recent hiring of Dr. Harry Burchett as the Harrison County School District’s new superintendent has come with a certain degree of controversy, if one pays attention to social media.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. *Japanese attack locale
    5. *Chairman of the Communist Party of China
    8. Parent group
    11. Horsefly
    12. Voldemort’s title
    13. Ohio city
    15. Saintly glow
    16. Never a UK currency
    17. Disapproved by audience
    18. *American concentration camp
    20. Peters out
    21. *Harry Truman to Margaret
    22. Feedbag morsel
    23. Mountain climber’s tool
    26. Overplay in front of audience
    30. Negative conjunction
    31. Within a building

  • Viewpoint

    It is official. Spring. Ah, a time for flip flops, short-sleeved shirts, shorts and blooming daffodils ... Um wait! Didn’t I just turn up the thermostat?
    I have been waiting patiently (or not) for the cold weather to break ... and I’m still waiting.
    However, it matters not what the weather is in April. Spring is all around us. It, like December, is a busy month for Cynthiana.
    If you can’t find anything to do in Cynthiana in April, it’s your own fault.