• Matt Bevin: Kentucky teachers protested during school year to get off work

    By Joe Sonka
    Louisville Courier Journal

        Gov. Matt Bevin suggested in a radio interview Tuesday morning that protesting teachers only caused “sickouts” while schools were in session because they wanted paid time off work, instead of protesting during the summer when it wouldn’t affect students.

  • Viewpoint

    We cannot stick our heads in the sand or look the other way when something happens of a magnitude that needs reporting.
    I’ve always been able to justify news coverage by employing the mind set that the  more people are aware, the less likely the chances are of something terrible happening again and again.

  • Catching the rest of summer

     Somehow or other we are losing the race with summer. In spite of all our best efforts, the days of August are already far ahead of us. The Back to School Sales loudly broadcast on all our media outlets, are the absolute warning that sunny days, early, bright mornings, lingering sunsets and warm winds and rains that linger are like the last kernels in the bag of popcorn. Tasty and welcome, but with far fewer numbers—nothing to lean on for succor or lasting comfort.

  • Viewpoint

    Cynthiana is quickly gaining recognition as the City of Murals, and rightfully so.
    I don’t know if there are any economic statistics out there that can conclusively say how many out-of-town dollars have been spent by tourists who simply come here to see the art work that we have on display. However, I would think those murals have more than paid for themselves with the money spent by our visitors.

  • Viewpoint

    I am a warm weather person. I like some spring, summer, and some fall. I hate cold weather and all that it comes with it.
    I don’t like to look out on gray, leafless trees and, more often than not, cloudy sunless skies.
    I’m not the sun worshipper I once was, I don’t lay out in the sun and wait for my skin to turn red and crispy, which for me is followed by peeling and freckling.
    Social media is divided between those who are ready to hear the Snow Report and those of us who want to prolong summer. We are the 70-plus degree fans.

  • Just one more small detail...

    The cost of my telephone service just kept going up and up. So I decided that the first time one of those special deals came in the mail, I was going to change providers. About two weeks ago that’s exactly what I did: I changed it all; television, computer, land-line and cell phones.
    I called the new provider, talked with the agent and an agreement was reached. The next day the technician came and made the necessary changes at my house. No problems.

  • Viewpoint

    Like girl children universal, there was a time when I thought my daddy was invincible. To my eyes he was the tallest, smartest and strongest man and most handsome man in my small world.
    I like to brag (and apparently still do) about his accomplishments—quarterback on any team, including college, he played on, first chair violin in the orchestra, valedictorian, summa cum laude. He could throw me in the air and catch me every time, cook country ham and red gravy and help people who got in trouble.

  • Viewpoint

    In my five years or so as a full-time news-writer for the Cynthiana Democrat, I can say without doubt that I enjoy feature stories that shed a positive light on Harrison County and the folks that live here, much more so than those stories that deal with crime, or death, or tragedy.
    Often, those positive stories just kinda write themselves.
    You interview the person, or persons, and tell their story, so the general public can find out about the good things they are doing, or have done.

  • Viewpoint

    Fair week is always a busy time for us at the newspaper. There is something every night. In fact, a lot more somethings than we could ever publish.
    However, with the advent of the internet and social media, the space is unlimited.
    So in the coming days, watch our website, www.cynthianademocrat.com or our Facebook page, The Cynthiana Democrat, for random, candid pictures from the fair.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. One chore, e.g.
    5. Not bright
    8. *Dog in yoga
    12. Impersonator
    13. *Marvel Comics’ ____ Dogs
    14. *First dog in space
    15. Bulb holder
    16. Auto pioneer
    17. Without illumination
    18. *Smallest dog breed
    20. Play-ers
    21. Those who vote against
    22. Paul Simon’s former partner
    23. Medium’s seance state
    26. Do like ivy, two words
    30. *Type of terrier
    31. L in NFL
    34. Cleanse
    35. Priest’s Eucharist garb