• 114th State Fair coming up, Aug. 16-26

    As a people who brim with pride for our state, each year Kentuckians of all backgrounds have an opportunity to embrace one of the Commonwealth’s time-honored traditions: the Kentucky State Fair.
    Growing up as a farm kid in Scott County, I would count down the days until I visited with Freddy Farm Bureau, watched livestock shows, and chowed down on a Kentucky Pork Producers sandwich.

  • Viewpoint

    When Don Henley gave his induction speech into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Eagles, he made a comment about the band’s business manager, Irving Azoff.
    Apparently, Azoff was known far and wide as being doggedly supportive of the Eagles, to the point that he was hated and despised by everyone trying to business with the California-based band.
    “Irving Azoff might be thought of by many to be Satan,” Henley mused. “But he’s our Satan.”
    ...Which has very little to do with the rest of this column.

  • And a river ran through it

    By Scott Grannis, guest columnist

    Yes, I’m borrowing the title from that movie for this story. But it fits better than anything I could have made up. I’ve lived my entire life in Harrison county, never left for college or anything . And I’ve never lived more than a half mile from the banks of the Licking River that slowly meanders through our little county.

  • Rededication of the Lair Presbyterian Church, 1946
  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution


    1. TÈa Leoni as ____ Secretary
    6. Lending letters
    9. Cat-headed Egyptian goddess
    13. Round openings in architecture
    14. Pilot’s estimate
    15. Short tale
    16. Deprived of a limb, e.g.
    17. Popular pickup
    18. Revolving mechanism
    19. *L in LMC
    21. Peninsula with Portugal
    23. Not a win nor a loss
    24. Lou of The Velvet Underground
    25. The ____ Four
    28. Unpleasant road display
    30. Authoritative declaration
    35. The 15th of March

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. “____ of time”
    6. Federal Communications Commission
    9. Frosh, next year
    13. “Vamos a la ____”
    14. *Don McLean: “A long, long time ____...”
    15. Par on a short golf hole
    16. Whatsoever
    17. Steadfast Soldier’s material
    18. Art class support
    19. Classical music composition, pl.
    21. *One of his hits is a stadium favorite
    23. *Paul McCartney’s 2013 album
    24. Fat Man or Little Boy
    25. Cul de ____

  • Viewpoint

    Many moons ago, I donned some goo on my face that resembled blood and bruising. I was part of a mock situation to help first-responders train for what they do best.
    Last Monday, as Fire Chief Charles Allen Carson was lifting me from my wrecked Subaru, he smiled down at me and said “Haven’t we done this before?”
    Yes. Yes, we have.
    Only, this time it was not a mock situation, it was real.
    I’ve always heard that when you are in a crash, everything moves in slow motion. Not for me.

  • Don’t wait to say ‘thank you’

    Crape Myrtle news first. Danny Gasser is coming to put in two new red myrtles for me. My pink one got nipped by the cold and is restoring itself. He reports that he now has several on hand for folks who want to plant now. I am sure you have noticed all the lovely blooms around. The cemetery is a superb example. There are 60 bushes there.

  • Viewpoint

    We are so thankful that no one was hurt in the three-car accident in front of the Fairgrounds on Monday night, especially our fearless leader in the Cynthiana Democrat news office, Becky Barnes.
    We had joked earlier in the day about who was going to cover what at the fair.  Robin was to cover the sheep show and Becky, once again, volunteered to take pictures at the baby show.

  • Viewpoint

    I got a new puppy right before Christmas. He was a gift from my children and granddaughter.
    To say that the pup isn’t real bright is probably unfair. It’s more a matter of his human trainer being lacking.
    For some reason, I thought I wanted this dog to be paper trained rather than go outside. What was I thinking? Why didn’t someone tell me that this situation would get old, real quick.
    Now I have to figure out how to retrain him to “go” outside.
    Did I already say that he isn’t real bright?