• Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. ‘70s hairdo
    5. Used for Chinese cooking
    8. Part of URL
    11. *____-and-slide
    12. Cone-shaped quarters
    13. Formerly known as dropsy
    15. “Les MisÈrables” author
    16. Hissy fit
    17. Sink hole
    18. *It varies widely in different regions
    20. One from the Magi
    21. Native American emblem
    22. Lavatory, abbr.
    23. Like #21 or #37 in this crossword
    26. Borrower’s warranty
    29. Geological time period
    30. Experienced sailor

  • Viewpoint

    Add Ingles Stadium to the long list of former athletic venues that will soon disappear.
    The permanent stadium seating area, on the “home” side, that was built in the early 1940’s as a part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Depression Era New Deal program, is soon to be razed. This is pending approval by the Harrison County Board of Education at a special meeting on Thursday, June 13.

  • A talking lizard? Really?

    I was home alone last night, and I was tired. I decided to just spend the evening watching television. So I settled into my recliner, turned on the T.V. and began to watch some police/crime drama. In short order, a commercial came on, and I was bludgeoned by an advertisement that featured what looked like one of those thick large envelopes that printer paper is packaged in. This thing was jumping around on a piano and a table while trying to sell me insurance. 
    Advertisements like this are not new to me, nor are they to you, but this one really got me to thinking.

  • Time to pack the suitcases

    Summer weather has finally rolled around and while it still seems to want to rain every other day, at least we have no threat of ice—only the ice melting in our tea. With warm weather comes mosquitos, weeds in the garden and creepy crawlers in the grass, but also comes the wonderful promise of the Vacation!
    Whether we choose the beach, the mountains, the lake or kinfolk’s house there is a magic excitement about the thought of having a nice long time off and away to other places.  

  • Viewpoint

    It’s budget time for the Cynthiana City Commission, which means a couple of lengthy extra meetings with not a lot of riveting information to be gleaned.
    However, sometimes, you can snag a tidbit to share with others.
    For months, Cynthiana motorists have hobbled and bobbled over a bumpy Bridge Street. From time to time a patch will show up in the wavy pavement, but it’s just that ... a patch.
    You can’t really call them pot holes because there are no holes. It’s just that the pavement has collapsed along the east bound lane.

  • High school graduation, then and now

    In my 60 years, I suppose I’ve been to over 30 high school graduation exercises, including my own, in 1977.
    I guess the older I get, the more often I reflect and reminisce, especially when those seniors enter graduation and are seated.
    I think about what they might be thinking about. I’m sure there is a sense of pride in what they have accomplished. I’m also sure there is a tinge of trepidation as to what the future might hold for them.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. Up and about
    6. Originally part of smog
    9. *Combining ____ pool
    13. Tarzan’s swing
    14. It is well, if it ends well
    15. *Acquired parent
    16. Coastal feature
    17. *Solemn promise
    18. Greyish brown
    19. *One of two wedding tossables
    21. *Train ready for dancing
    23. Scottish cap
    24. Dole out
    25. Cartridge contents
    28. Bangladeshi currency
    30. Mischievous-like
    35. Designer’s ____book
    37. Research facil.

  • Memories of “Decoration” in Appalachia

    We are coming up on Memorial Day, which, in my childhood, we called Decoration. The event started long before the calendar date. The talk around the settlement was about housecleaning, cooking for company and making flowers, crepe paper flowers. How I wish I had saved a few.

  • An uncomfortable dialogue needs to occur

    By Sean Whitaker,
    Guest columnist

    I am writing in response to an article authored by Lee Kendall in a prior edition of The Democrat regarding recent allegations against a local police officer, a Harrison County teacher, and a Lexington police officer.
    While I agree with Mr. Kendall’s over-arching point--that although a few officers and teachers have been accused of bad actions, they by no means represent the whole--I also find that it avoids an uncomfortable dialogue that needs to occur to make necessary changes.

  • Viewpoint

    School is almost out and, after noon on Friday, we should be able to hear a collective sigh from all the parents, students, faculty members and bus drivers.
    A few short weeks of reprieve and then it starts all over again.
    My own children are grown so I can now avoid all the drama that goes along with teens and school.
    However, when my kids were there, I had my share. But nothing that can compare to some of the things going on today. At least not to my knowledge.