• History Month for everyone

    Who was it that said, “Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it”? I could look it up, but I’m lazy. Well, whoever said it hit the nail on the head -- lots of people say that. Maybe that is why we keep repeating too many mistakes about our racial indiscretions in this country. I even read that someone called racial problems this country’s “Original Sin.”

  • Viewpoint

    With a show of hands, if you can lift them out of the water, who is ready for this infernal rain to stop?
    Last year around this time, one would complain about the unusual rainfall and another would counter that “Come July we are going to wish we had some of this rain.”
    Well, July came and we were still a soggy mess. Then  August, September and October ...
    It never really dried out.
    Last year is now in the record books as one of the rainiest years in history. It was also the winter that wouldn’t go away. Spring sprung late.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. *Animated Isle dwellers
    5. Dropped drug
    8. *Kind of editing
    12. Doing nothing
    13. Hoodwink
    14. Support person
    15. Toothy wheel
    16. Distinctive flair
    17. Tadpoles, eventually
    18. *”Bohemian Rhapsody” protagonist
    20. Norse capital
    21. *Kathy Bates’ Annie Wilkes, e.g.
    22. Contrary conjunction
    23. Withdraw, like Ukraine from Soviet Union
    26. Sweet Madeira wine
    30. *”Green Book” nominee
    31. Completely lacking

  • ‘Way back when’ is always with us

    Change is always in the air. What was around yesterday is not always here today. Just ask anyone under the age of 40 if they know what a clothes prop is (was).
    But sometimes long after things or events disappear, they leave long living reminders of their having been here. The world of sports offers a nice example of this.
    It’s easy to see today that the sport of boxing is dead. If you ask 10 people today who the heavyweight champ is, I doubt if any could say (if there even is one).

  • There’s strength in the bindin’...

    Once upon a time a lovely young woman dedicated her new book of poems to my mother. This girl was a “wordful” child and my mother, a poet herself, spotted her for the extraordinary person she was when she was just a wee one.
    Mother was right, aren’t they always? This little girl grew up to become an important writer and poet. Poet Laureate of Kentucky at one time, is only one of her many recognitions. But her crowning achievement is how she can take what is true, real and difficult to put in words and give these attributes life.

  • Viewpoint

    As a teacher, I often told students that just about all of us are ‘prejudiced’ in some way. Of course most of those students denied being prejudiced, but still they, and I, and you, are.
    A few weeks ago, I attended two different functions one evening, in my role as a reporter for the Cynthiana Democrat.
    The first was a graduation ceremony at the Justice Center for five people who had successfully completed an 18-month-long stay with the Harrison County District Court-sponsored Drug Court.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. Hose hue
    5. Flower precursor
    8. Gershwin brother
    11. Scottish valley
    12. After hedge or mutual
    13. Headquartered
    15. *Cleats, helmet, pads
    16. Hip bones
    17. Road-tripping guide
    18. *Hometown of first Super Bowl winner
    20. Big Bang’s original matter
    21. Be
    22. Bygone bird
    23. *Last year’s Super Bowl champions
    26. Came around the corner
    30. 100%
    31. Donate, 2 words
    34. Salty drop
    35. #50 Down, pl.

  • Viewpoint

    I have to say I’m taken aback by the recent omissions of “the rest of the story,” by some members of the media.
    I, along with thousands, maybe millions, of viewers watched as a young man from Covington Catholic High School stood smirking in front of a Native American at a recent rally in Washington, D.C.
    My first impression was “poor little rich kid.”
    I made a rush to judgment, just like many others, based on the information initially presented.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. Fraternity K
    6. ____Jeeves.com
    9. Civil rights icon
    13. Think tank output
    14. Like a dim star
    15. What pigeon did
    16. *Up on compass
    17. Shakespearean fuss
    18. Did like goo
    19. *On a novelty button
    21. Decline
    23. Galley tool
    24. “Workers of the world, ____!”
    25. ____-Air in L.A.
    28. Way off freeway
    30. *Pain scale faces, e.g.
    34. “-zoic” periods
    36. “____ ____ good example”
    38. Xe

  • More funding needed for Area Technology Center Imbalance exists between ATC needs and athletics

    Many of us complain about paying property taxes and more precisely, school taxes, when we do not have a child in school. Since I have to pay anyway, I wanted to know how my school tax money is being spent.