Today's News

  • Superintendent gets nearly perfect evaluation from board

    By Josh Shepherd, News writer

    The Harrison County School Board returned a glowing annual performance evaluation of Superintendent Andy Dotson, rating him at the top of the scale in eight of nine performance standards. 

  • Home & Garden Show is this weekend

    The 11th annual Cynthiana Democrat two-day Home and Garden Show will kick off Saturday at 9 a.m. and continue until 4 p.m.

    The show will feature nearly 70 booths of nursery items for outdoors, Amish-made furniture, home improvement ideas, free seedling trees, spring and summer apparel and accessories, wellness information and products, home decor, monogrammed items and canned jams and jellies. 

    There will also be food booths to indulge any appetite, from sweet to savory.

  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Swahili or Zulu
    6. French lake
    9. Marcel Marceau, e.g.
    13. Type of squash
    14. In the past
    15. Engaged for a fee
    16. Considered a representative of Allah
    17. Month of Pearl Harbor attack
    18. African antelope
    19. *Chelsea’s politically-minded mother
    21. Funeral rite
    23. Tell tall tale
    24. Can of worms
    25. Corn holder
    28. Ranee’s husband
    30. Popular pet rodent
    35. Acted like
    37. Leave behind
    39. Spacious

  • Suspect in drug case found hiding in closet

    By Becky Barnes, Editor

    Police arrested a Cynthiana man found attempting to hide in his closet early Tuesday morning.

    Ptl. Michael Kiskaden had warrants for the arrest of Victor Jones, 49, 226 Walnut St., on drug charges stemming from a Feb. 28 incident.

  • School Menus

    and delivery.

    MONDAY: Pancakes with syrup, yogurt or cereal toast, fruit or juice choice, choice of milk.
    TUESDAY: Breakfast pizza, yogurt or cereal, toast, fruit or juice choice, choice of milk.
    WEDNESDAY: Blueberry muffins, string cheese or cereal, toast, fruit or juice choice, choice of milk.
    THURSDAY: Cinnamon toast, yogurt or cereal, toast, fruit or juice, choice of milk.
    FRIDAY: Scrambled eggs, toast or cereal, toast, fruit or juice choice, choice of milk.

  • Match mulching material with plant’s needs

    Mulch has become a landscape staple, almost to a fault when it is over applied, smothering roots and girdling trunks.  
    When done properly, it can help to suppress weeds, retain moisture and moderate temperature.  
    These things can be achieved using a variety of materials but which type of mulch suits your needs best?
    Predominately, we use organic materials for mulching.  Organic mulches include plant- or animal-derived materials like wood chips, pine needles, tree bark, grass clippings, composted manure and worm castings.

  • Check your self-interests at the door

    After a month of hearing updates on the progress of the courthouse renovation, curiosity finally got the best of me and I walked inside the building just to, you know, see what was going on.
    Of course,  I made sure to check with Trace Creek workers just to make sure my presence wasn’t going to cause them any major safety concerns.

  • Commission seeks public input on off-premises signs

    On April 21, the Cynthiana- Harrison County- Berry Joint Planning Commission will be holding a discussion on off-premise signs and you are invited to attend.

  • Church Street couple are Cubs fans to the core

    By Josh Shepherd, News writer
    The four unmistakable signs of spring time in Cynthiana, Kentucky: The Cynthiana Democrat’s Home and Garden Show, the opening of the Farmer’s Market at Flat Run Veterans’ Park, dogwoods and tulips in full bloom, and the annual unfurling of the Chicago Cubs flags in the front yard of Jamie and Karan Russell’s home.

  • Rohs presents hit comedy for last weekend in April

    By Josh Shepherd, News writer
    James Smith, director of the upcoming new comedy at Rohs Opera House, invites everyone to meet the Turpins, a family that’s barely holding it together. A family so dysfunctional, it’s laugh-out-loud funny.