Today's News

  • Spring CPH sale planned for April 11

    The spring CPH Sale is planned for Paris Stockyards on Thursday, April 11. The sale will be conducted at the start of the regular sale. This will be the second sale since the stockyards was opened under new ownership.

  • Don’t forget about what’s in the root cellar, freezer or pantry

    Perhaps this can be a reminder of the payoff of “putting up” the garden in spring, summer and fall: We have extended our homegrown eating pleasure into the winter months with some basic preservation methods.  
    If you froze, dried, canned or otherwise preserved fresh fruits and vegetables in 2012, do not forget about them (or horde them for some unreasonable time.)
    First, open the freezer and assess what’s there:  blanched Romano beans with some ice crystals forming inside the freezer bag?  
    Plan a stew for dinner.


    1. *Good night kiss spot
    6. Old age, archaic
    9. De Valera’s land
    13. “My Own Private _____”
    14. Big Island flower necklace
    15. Kind of sentence
    16. Things that are unacceptable
    17. Some watch the Super Bowl just for these
    18. Irregular
    19. *Isolde’s tragic lover
    21. *The man behind the massacre
    23. Unagi on sushi menu
    24. *Stag
    25. Grease holder
    28. Elders’ teachings
    30. *St. Valentine’s occupation

  • Middle and high school KMEA All-State Chorus

    Approximately 1,200 vocalists across the state competed for slots in the Kentucky Music Educators Association’s 2013 High School All-State Choirs. Students in grades 10-12 auditioned in quartets – all performing the same piece, sung a cappella; they also had to sight-sing.  

  • New Lair Road open following Monday wreck

    New Lair Road is back open after a Monday morning accident on County Infirmary Lane.

    Due to a train vs. semi-truck collision on County Infirmary Lane, New Lair Road was blocked for several hours.
    There are reportedly no injuries, however, the train backed up to the New Lair crossing at 3M.

    The accident occurred around 9:15 a.m. Monday.
    The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the accident.
    See this week's Cynthiana Democrat for more information

  • $4.3 million school project underway


    It’s been two years in the making and plans are now underway for a $4.3 million building expansion project.

    The project will include high school renovations and construction of an Athletic Complex field house.

  • Formal sentencing set in criminal cases


    Nine jury trials that were scheduled for Jan. 30 were with changes to guilty pleas by seven of those defendants and rescheduled pretrials for the remaining two.

  • Westminster Hayleigh

    By Ben Hyatt, News writer

    “The Doberman Pinscher is best described as ‘an elegant athlete in a tight-fitting wrapper.’ This square, compact and muscular dog gives the immediate impression of grace, beauty and nobility, while at the same time being energetic and fearless... this is Doberman number six.”

  • Cincinnati Reds Caravan

    Cincinnati Reds Caravan rolled into Cynthiana last Thursday for a media/fan meet and greet at Angilo’s. Several Reds’ fans were on hand as well as a few  Reds stars. Mike Kearns, Cynthia Vickers and Maurice West talk with Reds general manager Walt Jocketty, and COO Phil Castellini. Catcher Corky Miller, left, and right fielder Jay Bruce, pose with Angilo’s owner, Ken Morrison.

  • It’s not just the dogs that enjoy grooming

    By Alexandria Maybrier, Rotary Guest writer

    A bell chimes. A happy “Hello!“ rings out from behind the swinging counter.