Today's News

  • State agenda is already full

    When the General Assembly meets in odd-numbered years, it has a much different schedule than it does in those ending in an even number.
    The meeting time is 30 rather than 60 days, and the first four of those are set aside just to elect legislative leaders and appoint members to committees.  The bulk of our work doesn’t begin until early February, and it effectively ends a little more than a month later.

  • Celebrating Valentine’s Day by the numbers

    It’s Valentine’s Day; what will your sweetie have for you when he or she comes home from work?
    As you know, the internet has a plethora of statistics. If you believe any or even part of those numbers, you may be interested to know that for that one special day over $13 billion is spent in the United States.
    More women purchase Valentine’s Day cards than men, while more men buy flowers than women.

  • School Menus

    Feb. 18-22
    * Menus subject to change due to weather and delivery.

    MONDAY: No School
    TUESDAY: Cereal choice or sausage biscuits, yogurt, fruit, juice choices, choice of milk.
    WEDNESDAY: Waffles w/syrup or cereal, yogurt, fruit, juice choices, choice of milk.
    THURSDAY: Blueberry muffins or cereal, yogurt, fruit, juice choices, choice of milk.
    FRIDAY: Scrambled eggs biscuits or cereal, yogurt, fruit, juice choices, choice of milk.


  • Community Calendar

    THURSDAY, Feb. 14
    Berry City Commission will meet Thursday, Feb. 14 at 7 p.m., at Berry City Hall. The meetings are open to the public.
    Northside Council. Northside Elementary Site Based Council will meet Thursday, Feb. 14 at 3:45 p.m. in the school library. The public is invited to attend.
    FRIDAY, Feb. 15

  • Soldier’s dogs go AWOL from sitter

    Two black labs go absent without official leave.

    While Captain Adam Evans of the 149th Vertical Construction Company is away in Afghanistan, Harrison County Assistant Animal Control Officer Paul Colson is in search of Evans’ pooches.


    Cynthiana’s National Guard 149th Vertical Construction Co. left Cynthiana’s armory Monday morning with Afghanistan as their ultimate destination. The soldiers were recognized in a public ceremony on Feb. 2. Monday’s departure was for families to bid farewell. 


  • Resources for Home Energy Assistance are dangerously low
  • U.S. judge OKs sale of Brown household items


    U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Alan C.  Stout this week ordered the sale of personal property from the Paintsville home of Kay Brown.


    1. Ruler sides, e.g.
    6. Toward the stern
    9. Hit the bottle
    13. “La traviata” composer
    14. Tokyo, formerly
    15. *First President to resign
    16. One of three hipbones
    17. Bruin legend Bobby
    18. Some tournaments
    19. *First to be assassinated
    21. Protests
    23. Corn spot
    24. Mischievous Scandinavian god
    25. Actress ___ Gasteyer
    28. Famous Christmas guests
    30. As much as necessary
    35. Follows ding?
    37. Sold in bars

  • City’s water treatment plant gets national kudos from EPA


    Cynthiana’s Municipal Water Works Department was one of three Kentucky water systems to receive national recognition.