• Academic briefs

    Eastern Kentucky University has announced the Dean’s Award recipients for the Fall 2015 semester.
    Award recipients include: Luke Thomas Graves and Makinsey Brooke Lesak.
    To earn the Dean’s Award, students must achieve Dean’s List honors at EKU for three semesters, not necessarily consecutive. A lapel pin is presented to students by the dean of their academic college.

  • Honor Roll

    The Harrison County Middle School Honor Roll for the second nine weeks includes:
    All A’s
    Cindy Barker, Miranda Barnes, David Bowen, Landon Bowlin, Kendall Box, Benton Bramel, Autumn Burgan, Kathleen Clarke, Rachel Clifford, Athena Collins, Allison Combs, Nycolas Conley, Devin Covert, Haley Covington, Cameron Covington, Ava Craig, Emily Crowther, Will Darnell, Kennedy Davis, Alec Davisson;

  • Honor Roll

    The Westside Elementary Honor Roll for the second nine weeks includes:
    Third Grade - All A’s
    Cecilia Boland, Desiree Couve, Maggie Davis, Jayden Ecklar, Chloe Fitzpatrick, Jack Howard, Makenzie Malone, Charlotte Petty, Abigail Ritchie, Josie Tucker, Evan Winkle.
    Third Grade - A/B
    Cayden Berry, Isaac Ross Blackburn, Jacob Chambers, Riley Conway, Kalishia Davis, McKenzie Etienne, Kaylee Fields, Cameron Florence, Travis Florence, John Michael Furnish, Elijah Gonzalez, Chevy Gray, Bill Hailey, Jessica Hailey, Emma Hamm;

  • Honor Roll

    EASTside Honor roll
    The Eastside Elementary Honor Roll for the second nine weeks includes:
    Fourth Grade
    Sarah Arnold, Alison Barajas-Lopez, Kodi Beagle, Nathan Bowen, Kade Carpenter, John Craig, Araya Farmer, Grant Ferguson, Shelby Fugate, Gracey Funkhouser, Nathaniel Garcia, Elijah Harris, Justin Hisle, Harrison Jones, Stacey Lamb, Griffin Maners, Jackson Marsh;

  • School Menus

    Jan. 25-29
    * Menus subject to change due to weather and delivery.

    MONDAY: Choice of: Mini Eggo waffles or cereal; fruit, choice of milk or juice.
    TUESDAY: Choice of: Nutrigran Bar with yogurt or cereal; fruit, choice of milk or juice.
    WEDNESDAY: Choice of: Breakfast pizza or cereal or Pop-tart with yogurt; fruit, choice of milk or juice.
    THURSDAY: Choice of: Pancake sausage or cereal; fruit, choice of milk or juice.

  • Honor Roll

    The Southside Elementary Honor Roll for the second nine weeks includes:
    Fourth Grade
    Harlie Abner, *Shantin Aguilar, *Taylor Bailey, *Anneka Blankenship, *Shannon Bostic, Abby Bruin, *Sara E. Carr, Kathern Coy, Justin Craycraft, Kaydon Custard,     *Brendan Dahmer, *Logan Denniston, Ezra Fogle, Samantha Furnish, *Karlie Gatrost, Timothy Harney, *Marlee Harris, Alexander Hensley;

  • Honor Roll

    The Northside Elementary Honor Roll for the second nine weeks includes:
    Lawson Allison, Lequlia Bandy, Jayden Beamon, *Lindsey Bennett, *Riley Bihl, Daniel Bowlin, Delaney Burrier, Betty Cain, Madie Carson, Ella  Cash, *James Chipman, *Catherine Christopher, Iziah Cole, Alexis Conaway, Laci Davis, Whitney Dunaway, Madison Eden, Kyle England, Levi England, Cody Fitzgerald, Cole Fizette;

  • Kentucky Music Educator’s 7th District Honors Band
  • Academic briefs

    Elizabeth J. McGuire of Cynthiana, KY, was named to the fall 2015 dean’s list at Samford University.
    Samford releases dean’s lists after the close of the fall and spring semesters each academic year. To qualify for the dean’s list, a student must have earned a minimum 3.5 grade point average out of a possible 4.0 while attempting at least 12 credit hours of coursework.


  • Honor Roll

    The St. Edward Catholic School Honor Roll for the second quarter (9 weeks) includes:
    First Grade - All A’s
    Sutton Koch.
    A/B Honor Roll
    Miles Navarre, Jack Perrin.
    School Honors
    Ann Aldridge, Haley Morgan.

    Second Grade - All A’s