• It’s Never Too Late! Scott Gray and daughter Autumn Gray Graduate from MCTC Together

    Last month, hundreds of students graduated from Maysville Community and Technical College. Among the sea of faces was a father–daughter duo, Scott and Autumn Gray.
    As his daughter Autumn prepared to begin college, she encouraged her father to go back as well. He was nervous and unsure about being surrounded by young students, but personnel at MCTC encouraged Scott to get started.
    “I remember them telling me, ‘I’m going to let you know right now that you are going to bring something to the table also.’” Scott said.

  • Northside Honor Roll

    Northside Elementary Honor Roll All Year includes:
    Third Grade
    John Biggs, Morgan Bihl, Preston Cole, Ava Denniston, Branson Fain, Blake Green, Shelbey Huber, Rylee Hudgins, Alana Romero-Lozano, Grayson Nickels, Owen Northcutt, Neil Olmsted, *Barrett Philpot, Dray Roberts, LeLand Rowell, Jacob H. Scott, Savannah Silcox, *Sarah Stump, Marie Thaxton.
    Fourth Grade

  • Tractor Supply’s Spring Paper Clover helps raise $825,000 for 4-H youth

    4-H youth from across Kentucky will have countless opportunities to learn valuable life skills this summer, thanks to more than $825,000 donated by Tractor Supply Company customers earlier this year.
    Between April 26 and May 7, Cynthiana-area Tractor Supply stores hosted a Paper Clover fundraiser to help send thousands of 4-H youth to county-level development programs, camps and leadership conferences. Awarded as scholarships, the money will enable individual 4-H members to learn everything from science and technology to fishing and horseback riding.

  • Honor Roll

    Eastside Elementary Honor Roll for the fourth nine weeks include:
    A/B Honor Roll
    Hayley Barker, Alyssa Biddle, Emma Bolton, *Logan Brooks, *Daniel Cameron, *Timothy Chapman, Kamryn Clines, Madison Collins, Adam Davisson, Erin Dickson, Ricky Duncan, Raymee Edwards, Autumn Frizzell, *Brody Fryman, Lance Gallagher, *Morgan Grose, Joshua Hall, *Audrey Hatton, Alexis Hill;

  • Honor Roll

    Southside Elementary Honor Roll for the fourth nine weeks include:
    4th Grade
    Makenzi Best, Trey Bramel, Kylee Brinker, Cadence Buckler, Cheyenne Bullock, John Thomas Combs, Audrey Dawson, *Ashlee Foxworth, Rece Grubb, Alyssa Hall, Lyrik Nevaiah Hively, Roger Alexander Love;
    Hayden Lunsford, Camille Marshall, Morgan Morris, *Isabella Persinger, Garrett Price, Addison Roe, Haylie Sparks, Kira Spaulding, *Meredith Vaughn, Peyton Wagoner, Peyton Wilson, Briley Winkle.

    5th Grade

  • Honor Roll

    The St. Edward Catholic School Honor Roll for the fourth quarter includes:
    All As
    1st Grade: Naomi Farrar-Laws, Mae Heimlich, Colton Jones.
    2nd Grade: Sutton Koch.
    3rd Grade: Resa Heimlich.
    AB Honor Roll
    2nd Grade:  Annie Aldridge, Jack Perrin.
    3rd Grade:  Millie Hatfield, Madison Jones, Addison Perraut, Sarra Skinner, Kate Gasser.
    4th Grade:  Isaac Furnish, Grace Lang, Jackson Ware.
    5th Grade:  Skylar Hatfield, Abigail Rion.
    School Honors

  • Honor Roll

    Westside Elementary Honor Roll for the fourth nine weeks include:
    3rd Grade - All A’s
    Camden Bowlin, Madison Delong, Hadley Hein, Debbi Webb.
    A’s and B’s
    Kylie Bennett, Brynn Clark, Sallie Kate Dale, Carter Hatfield, Lilly Hersha, Lauren Hicks, Michael Hicks, Lauren Highlander, Elijah Insko;
    Lesley May, Colton McQueen, Justus Miller, Dane Ransom, John Sowder, Haylie Thornsburg, Tyler Tichenor, Bailey Vendler, Emma Waddelow, Colton Webber, Aubrie Winters.

    4th Grade - All A’s

  • Honor Roll

    The Harrison County Middle School Honor Roll for the fourth nine weeks includes:
    All A’s
    Elizabeth Allison, Jordan Banks, Cindy Barker, Olivia Barry, Blaine Biddle, Logan Biddle, Kendall Box, Benton Bramel, Clay Carpenter, Ella Cash, Mercadees Chambers, Kathleen Clarke, Alaina Coppage, Devin    Covert, Chris Coy, Ava Craig, Allen Crump, Tatum Cummings, Emily Davis, Laci Davis, Payton Doyle, Kenzie Fister, Kendra Fizette, Shelby Foxworth;

  • New scholarship helps Kentuckians get in, get out and get to work tuition free

    Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Sec. Hal Heiner has announced details about the new Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship (WRKS), which provides free tuition for programs in five business sectors that are considered high wage, high demand.

  • Trout in the Classroom Program

    This is the second year that Harrison County Middle School (8th Grade Science) has raised trout with the help of Trout Unlimited (TU). TU sponsors a Trout in the Classroom program and provides expensive equipment needed to raise these sensitive fish. Such equipment includes large filters and a water chiller to keep the water temperature at 53 degrees. The large aquarium (2/ 55 gallon tanks) and stands were donated by Mr. McCann and Mr. Adams, both teachers at HCHS.