• Christmas with my Uncle

    By Heather Spencer

    My favorite Christmas morning memory is being awakened by my brother, exclaiming that it’s Christmas.
    I remember that the older I got, it was my parents waking me and my brother up for Christmas, which sounds ironic because the kids were supposed to wake the parents up.

  • Christmas Eve

    By Max Sparks

    The smell of warm, gooey cookies fills the air, wafted around our house by the gently rising hot air from the fire place.
    Embers crackled in the freshly stoked fire, popping randomly in an unexpected, but calming rhythm. The heat radiates outward to engulf every nook and cranny. The oven beeps to sound off the finishing or Christmas dinner. That pesky appliance has never sounded so lovely.
    Monotonous chimes somehow morph into the most harmonious symphony my ears have ever experienced.

  • Christmas Eve splendor

    By Isaac Sims

    The holidays. A way to make life a little brighter, even if the world outside is shifting to twilight. Laughing with family, taking in the glow of the red and blue lights, hanging like colorful stars from a sweet, sticky pine. Looking at the wrapped  surprises of hopes of loved ones sitting beneath the towering tree, dreaming of the joys that would proceed.

  • Siri saves Christmas

    By Gracie Robert

    The bitter wind shook the bells that were attached to the harnesses, filling the evening with melodious chimes. It seemed to mock us as we paced around the red sleigh in anxiety.
    “Oh gumdrops, this is bad. This is really, really bad,” I chattered. I could feel the panic swelling in my chest, making my throat burn and itch. The snow coated my eyelashes and dampened my mittens.
    Jack, Head Transport Elf, chewed on the end of his CandyCom which had lost signal fifty miles back.

  • No Mom AND Dad


    “Buzz, Buzz!” Snooze. 7 a.m. Morning. Christmas morning.
    She opens her door to go across the hall to find her brother sleeping silently. Out of the corner of her eye, she can see the gifts wrapped up under the tree. Wakes him up. Mom and Dad stand next to the tree, happy to see our tired excited faces.

  • Ellie the lost, yet, no so lost ... elf

    By Emma Gooden

    Oh boy, I’ve done it again… One mischievous act after another that leads me to putting myself into more and more trouble every time.
    My name is Ellie the Elf, otherwise known as Ellie the Envious, according to the sobriquet all the other elves gave me. No matter what, my curiosity always gets the best of me. From letting the reindeer out one Christmas to see what they’d do to the predicament I’m in now.

  • A Child’s Christmas

    By Devin Miracle

    Start off the season with a big green tree. Chop, chop, chop, and down it comes. Thump! Scared for your life, you hide behind Mom. She tells you it’s ok as Dad puts the tree on top of the car. Mom has to go and help before he breaks something.
    On the way home, Christmas music is ringing through the car, singing all the way home.
    “The door isn’t big enough!” Mom yells. But Dad just keeps on pushing, causing the whole house to shake. The dogs are scared to death from the “earthquake.”

  • 2016 EKU Middle School Honor’s Band
  • Petty Officer 3rd Class Stephan Dalton
  • School Menus

    Dec. 19-23
    * Menus subject to change due to weather and delivery.

    MONDAY: Choice of: Chicken ‘n waffle or cereal or Poptart with yogurt; fruit, choice of milk or juice.

    MONDAY: Breakfast pizza, juice, milk.
    TUESDAY: Donuts, mandarin oranges, milk.

    Each Elementary School will have their own breakfast menu. Please go to the school website, harrison.kyschools.us, to see what your school will be serving.