• Jr. Beta Club holds Harvest Induction Ceremony

    Betsy Smith,
    News Writer
    The Harrison County Middle School Jr. Beta Club held a Harvest Induction ceremony at the high school auditorium on Oct. 26. This was the group’s third annual induction ceremony, and 35 new members were honored at the event.
    Middle school principal, Mike McIntire, began the evening with a brief speech.            
    “Never stop challenging yourself when it comes to taking difficult or rigorous classes,” he advised.

  • HCMS Reading Counts
  • Honor Roll

    Southside Elementary Honor Roll for the first nine-weeks include:
    4th Grade
    Cheyenne Bailey, Micah Bryant, Sarah Combs, Juan Coronado, Kaylee Dargavell, Joshua Enririquez, LoVada Faulkner, Silas Harris, *Hadley Hein, Athena Hudson, Madison Hunt, Jalyn Kelley, Dalila Maresco, Buck McDonald, *Jack Midden, Morgon Northcutt, Bryson Pergram, Makayla Pierce, Elizabeth Ratliff, Isabel Stafford, Tayla Tobin, Revan Vest.
    5th Grade

  • Honor Roll

    The St. Edward School Honor Roll for the first nine-weeks includes:
    All A’s
    1st Grade: Brynlea Cockrell, Marymichael Gasser, Ivy Thornton, Avonlea Workman.
    2nd grade: Marissa Heimlich, Naomi Farrar-Laws, John Clay.
    4th grade: Camille Heimlich, Resa Heimlich.
    A/B Roll
    1st grade: Lilly Gribble, Felicity Hatfield, Delaney Koch, Audrey Smith.
    2nd grade: Colton Jones.
    3rd grade: Annie Aldridge, Sutton Koch, Miles Navarre, Jack Perrin.
    4th grade: Addison Perraut, Sarra Skinner.

  • Honor Roll

    Westside Elementary Honor Roll for the first nine-weeks include:
    3th Grade
    All A’s
    Caylee Browning, Jilesh Davis, Arwen French, Haleigh Hall, BJ Hampton, Nate Mitts, Cheyann Smith, Brinkley Wiggins, Aeowynne Wiley, Ella Yazell.

  • Honor Roll

    The Harrison County Middle School Honor Roll for the first nine-weeks are:
    All A’s
    Harlie Abner, Shantin Aguilar, Sara Arnold, Jacob Aubrey, Taylor Bailey, Cindy Barker, Alex Beam, Olivia Berry, Blaine Biddle, Peyton Boisseau, Shannon Bostic, Nathaniel Bowen, Sophia Bowlin, Kade Carpenter, Ellie Carr, Ella Cash, Kathleen Clarke, Cheyenne Cole, Iziah Cole, Alaina Coppage, Devin Covert, Haley Covington, John Craig, Sarah Creech, Allen Crump, Brendan Dahmer, Jyoti Davis, Makenna Dennis;

  • Join 4-H and experience the fun and activities

    By Sidney Sowder, 4-H Teen Council

    It is that time of year again! For Pumpkin festivals and apple orchards?
    Nope, it is time for 4-H to begin. This is one my favorite times of year because I am always so excited to sign up for 4-H activities.
    4-H offers so many exceptional opportunities for the youth of Harrison County.
    4-H is the largest youth development organization in the United States. It provides life skills to nearly six million young people across the U.S.

  • Honor Roll

    The Northside Elementary School Honor Roll for the first nine-weeks include:
    3rd Grade
    Brynndon Anderson, *Lucas Aubrey, *Rylee Ballinger, *Makenzie Burden, *Rose Chipman, Isaiah Corbin, Landon Custard, Timothy Farmer, Lakeleigh Fogle, Ashton Gaunce, Jacob Hensley, *Hayden Hicks, *Hannah Lamb, Bailee Lizer, Greenlee Maners, Madalynn Martin, *Jaycee McElfresh, *Bailey Moses, Caleb Noble, *Kendra Pickett, MaCayla Pike, Carmen Porter, Zachary Smith, Brentley Sumpter, Kyler Switzer, Neela Young.

    4th Grade

  • Honor Roll

    The Eastside Elementary School A/B Honor Roll for the first nine-weeks include:
    Wilson Barnes, Toby Barry, Amelia Beam, *Austin Brinegar, Brynn Clark, Thalea Cruz, Abigail Dennis, Olivia Eubanks, *Isaiah Finch, *Danielle Franklin, Michael Fuller, Bianca Grimm, Harrison Hatter, Simon Jenkins, Maximus Jett, *Landon Jones;

  • School Menus

    Oct. 30-Nov. 3
    * Menus subject to change due to weather and delivery.

    MONDAY: Pancake sausage or cereal or Pop-tart, fruit, choice of milk or juice.
    TUESDAY: White donuts or cereal, fruit, choice of milk or juice.
    WEDNESDAY: No School.
    THURSDAY: Muffin or cereal or Pop-tart, fruit, choice of milk or juice.
    FRIDAY: Breakfast bun or cereal or Pop-tart, fruit, choice of milk or juice.