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  • There used to be a long list of borderline hardy plants to grow in Kentuckiana. Plants like crape myrtles, figs and French hydrangeas sometimes came back on old wood, sometimes not.  
    It used to be that all of these plants were expected to die to the ground each year but improvements in plant hardiness, placement in the garden and proper pruning have resulted in improved performance. All of these plants are root hardy and will sprout new growth from the roots, so on those occasions that they do it knocked back by a severe winter they will come back from the roots.

  • Fight Ticks with Four Simple Steps: Protect, Check, Remove and Watch
     With the arrival of warmer weather and tick season underway in Kentucky, officials with the Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH) within the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) are reminding people to take precautions against tick bites, which can transmit serious and potentially deadly illnesses.

  • The Harrison County Ag Development Committee will open the application process for the 2019 County Agricultural Investment Program (CAIP) on June 17, 2019. Applications will be available at the Harrison County Extension Office (668 New Lair Road, Cynthiana) for 15 business days, beginning Monday, June 17 at 8 a.m. through Monday, July 8 at 4:30 p.m.

      Cynthiana Presbyterian Church children from Preschool through 5th grade experienced a fun adventure at Rolling River Rampage Vacation Bible School last week. This adventure included exciting new music, amazing science experiments, creative crafts, fun recreation, and memborable Bible stories that helped the children know that God is with them always.

  • Several weeks ago, my pastor told a story that had people whispering, “Whoa.”
    It happened years ago when a young, pregnant woman came to our church and gave her life to Jesus.
    The baby had problems developing and had to undergo an extensive delicate surgery while still in the womb.
    Our whole church was praying and praying as this miracle unfolded in front of us.
    The baby girl was born prematurely with all kinds of physical problems and went through several more surgeries and was in the hospital for months.

  • THURSDAY, June 27
    Bingo for Adults. Thursday, June 27 at the Cynthiana-Harrison County Public Library. Prizes will be household items. Space is limited. Pre-registration is not required.
    Star Jars. Thursday, June 27 at 2 p.m. for grades 6th-12th at the Cynthiana-Harrison County Public Library. All materials are provided to create a one of a kind star jar.  To pre-register call 234-4881 or email cfranklin@cynthianalibrary.org.

  • The Kentucky Adopt-a-Highway is in need of groups to help clean up the Kentucky state highways.  Any business, association, community or public organization or government entity may adopt a segment of highway.

  • 10 years ago . . .
    Births announced this week are: Misty Dawn Hurst, May 22, daughter of Ammanda Sunshine Hurst and Chad Allen Hurst; Whitlee Faye Thompson, June 9, daughter of Christin Thompson; Taylor Reece and Emily Mae Perkins, April 1, twin daughters of Kenneth and Melissa Perkins.
    Sister Ruth Agnes Delaney will be the new principal at St. Edward Catholic School. Delaney replaces Mary Grable who retired as principal.
    Harrison Memorial Hospital expands its urology services line with the addition of urologist Dr. William Crowe and Dr. Timothy Adkins.

  • Jessica Sayre

    Extension Agent for Horticulture
    Harrison County Extension Office

  • Like most caterpillars, bagworms are voracious eaters as they store up calories for growth, metamorphosis and reproduction. Now is the time they do the majority of their damage to evergreen trees and shrubs, so be on the lookout for activity.  
    A large infestation can literally strip an evergreen of nearly all its needles. 
    The life cycle of a bagworm begins in late May to early June when hundreds of larvae emerge from almond-shaped bags from last year.   As the larvae hatch, they begin to feed immediately on the foliage of the plant.