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  • Today our choices in plant material come in the form of the species, which is the basic classification of the plant where the general characteristics are apparent; the named cultivars, which are plant varieties of the species that originated and continue to persist under cultivation; and hybrids, which are the offspring of two different varieties.

  • Jenna Clay May, 32, and John Ezekiel Hall, 31, married Dec. 7, 2018.
    Elizabeth Ann Faulkner, 33, and Jeffery Wade Kitchen, 46, married Dec. 8, 2018.
    Melinda Diane Sidles, 35, and Michael Steven Rath, 28, married Oct. 20, 2018.
    Jenna Catherine Nunnelley, 23, and Jared Scott Wells, 26, married Dec. 8, 2018.
    Lauren Brooke Jackson, 25, and Samuel David Doyle, 24, married Dec. 15, 2018.
    Alexa McKay White, 20, and Cody Reed Jackson, 26, married Dec. 15, 2018.
    Kirsten Jane Sallengs, 21, and Elijah Walker Whitson, 24, married Dec. 15, 2018.

  • The farm looks like a storm hit recently but it’s really just my husband’s brand of deer deterrent. It seems to be working.  
    In the past, we have forgone the Irish Spring soap, human hair and coyote urine for more reliable barriers. Tomato cages, tobacco stakes, wire, spiral plastic trunk wrap, and, yes, an occasional arrangement of lawn chairs have created distance between rutting and browsing deer and the trunks of young trees.  

  • 10 years ago . . .
    Births announced this week are: A’shaelyn Blaine Veandric Cummins, Nov. 14, daughter of Stormi Cummins and Jonathan ‘Bud’ Mackey.

  • The mission of the Kentucky Extension Homemakers Association is a volunteer organization that works to improve the quality of life for families and communities through leadership development and education in the cooperation with the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.
    The Harrison County Extension office has eight different  homemaker clubs that meet during the daytime:  Berry, Curry, Falmouth Road, Indian Creek, Leesburg, Oddville, Renaker and Sunshine. There are three clubs that meet in the evening: Robinson, Barlow, Jacobs and New Millennium.

  • I like to read psychological thrillers with twisted plots and even more twisted characters.
    In the last thriller I read, the main character, Emily, was tied up in a room about to be murdered by her crazy stalker.
    He goes out of the room and Emily starts thinking back on her life, pretty sure she only has hours or minutes to live.
    She remembers back to what she learned as a girl from a teacher at her Catholic school: When you’re in trouble, look for the cross. Once you find one, you’ll see them everywhere.

  • FRIDAY, Jan. 4
    Blood Drive. Friday, Jan. 4 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., sponsored by the Harrison County Homemakers, on the KBC Bloodmobile at the Harrison County Extension Office at 668 New Lair Road. All registered donors will receive a hoodie sweatshirt.
    Bookmobile. The Cynthiana-Harrison County Public Library Bookmobile will be available Friday, Jan. 4 at Our Little Miracle at 10:30 a.m.; Edgemont Nursing Home, 4 p.m.

    SATURDAY, Jan. 5