• HCHS 50 Year Class Reunion
  • Way Back When

    10 years ago . . .

    Births announced this week are: Isaac Ross Blackburn, May 28, son of Kevin and Autumn (Weber) Blackburn; Abbigail Elaine Faith and Kaylee Jo Grace Dahmer, July 24, twin daughters of Stephen and Marilyn Dahmer; Trenton Noah Ford, July 25, son of Laura Warth Leach and Sam Ford; Karsen Alyse Judy, July 12, daughter of Thad and Karen Judy; Oscar Lincoln McDuffy, June 22, son of Ami and Milowe McDuffy; Keene Bradley Price, June 27, son of Heather and Bradley Price.

  • Uneven corn due to poor pollination

    Corn has been a staple food for centuries.  It was first cultivated by Indian peoples in Central America; in fact, the adoption of agriculture and the art of cultivating gave way to the grand cities of the Aztec and Mayans.   

    What would the world be without corn and potatoes, both of which were first cultivated in Central America? 

  • Way Back When

     10 years ago . . .

    Births announced this week are: Riley Russell Atmore, July 25, son of Kristn Currans and Wally Atmore.

    Harrison magistrates ponder waterline proposal for Arrowhead Lake, located in northern Harrison County.

    The Rev. Kenneth Newby has been named minister at Ebenezer United Methodist Church.

  • Reunions

    HCHS CLASS OF 1996

    The Harrison County High School Class of 1996 20-year class reunion will be Saturday, Aug. 20, starting at 8 p.m. at the Cynthiana Country Club.

    For more information, contact Meghan Boland at 859-954-0147 or Heather Price 859-588-1902.



    The Jockey reunion will be held at the home of Phyllis Malone on Monson Road on Aug. 20 beginning at 11 a.m. There will be a potluck lunch. There will be balloons on the mailbox.

  • Fall is a good time to divide perennials

    Jessica Sayre,

    Harrison Co. Horticulture Agent


    If your perennials didn’t put on their usual show this spring, it may be time to dig and divide. Perennials need space, and once they become crowded, blooms can become smaller and infrequent. Dividing the plants to create more room usually restores their vigor.  

  • Judy Mitchell Letcher Scholarship
  • Way Back When

    10 years ago . . .

    Births announced this week are: Nicholas Colin Campbell, July 21, son of Keith and Kim Prather Campbell; Kathern Paige Coy, June 12, daughter of Michael and Leslye Coy; Audrey Elizabeth Dawson, July 20, daughter of John and Brandie Dawson; Houston Riley Wiggins, May 16, son of Jason and Nikki Wiggins.

  • Reunions


    The Anderson reunion will be held Sunday, Aug. 7 at Antioch Mills Christian Church, 12785 US 27 North at 12:30 p.m.

    Utensils and drink furnished, bring a dish to share.



    The annual Marsh family reunion will be held Sunday, Aug. 7 at the Elks Lodge picnic shelter area at 1 p.m. All family and friends are welcome to attend. Please bring a dish to share.

    Any questions call Al at 859-948-3547.


  • Troop 76