Restaurant Inspections

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March 6 -- Our Little Miracles, 96%, food storage, meat and eggs on the bottom, temperature logs, no food certification.
March 13 -- Cedar Ridge, 96%, bottom shelves of prep tables/between equipment and storage not clean; utensils in poor repair, single service on floor; good job labeling.
March 25 -- Baptist Day Care, 100%, no violations.
April 2 -- Grand Haven Nursing Home, 100%, walk-in freezer drip pan repaired; temps and handling great.
April 15 -- Paula’s Family Restaurant, 99%, better job labeling; cleaning needed between and under equipment and vent hood.
April 15 -- Asian Garden Buffet, 92%, items must be labeled with dates, watch hot hold bar and cold temps (ice bath), record temps (hot and cold); food storage must be off the floor; cleaning of handles, walls and equipment; bleach, sanitizer for wiping cloths.
April 16 -- Joe’s Place, 100%, all ok.
April 22 -- Shady Lawn, 98%, good job on temps and labeling; clean between/under equipment and handles.
April 29 -- Lee’s Famous Recipe, 93%, mop head should be up for storage; walls, floors need cleaning around, between behind equipment; handles on coolers, shelving needs cleaning; should be no product storage on the floor.
April 29 -- Ronnie’s Bar and Grill, 95%, temps should be recorded in log book (hot temps and coolers); label items with dates; miscellaneous items in the kitchen need to be cleaned out.
April 29 -- Speedway, retail, 100%, all ok; food, 98%, monitor hot holding temps, logs.
April 30 -- Northside Elementary cafeteria, 100%, no violations, good job on labeling.
May 9 -- Fast Max, retail, 100%; food, 100%, all ok.
May 8 -- Loco Ice, 100%, no violations.
May 8 -- Westside Elementary cafeteria, 100%, no violations noted.