Property Transfers

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Pine Villa, LLC to 4 Sons Investments, Inc., property located on the Old Falmouth Pike (US 27), $21,000.
Kendall E. Williams and Vanessa Coffman to Ashlee E. Traylor, property located on Ky. Hwy. 32 at Connersville, $91,000.
Gary McKinney to Elizabeth Schwenker (formerly Elizabeth McKinney), property located on Lair and Woods Run Turnpike Road.
Quit Claim Deed: Beth Ann Mallard and William F. Mallard to Beth Ann Mallard and William F. Mallard, Lot 3 - Block B in Cedar Brook Subdivision (193 Cedarbrook Drive), $1.
Wendt Properties LLC to Matthew Dylan Dennie and Breanna Dennie, Lot 1 - Block B - Unit 1 of Harrison Estate Subdivision, $30,200.
Special Warranty Deed: Bank of America, N.A. to Delbert Stahl and Maye Van Stahl, property located at 105 Parkway Drive (Lot 9 - Block E of the Western Hills Subdivision, $80,000.
Deed in lieu of Foreclosure: Gregory W. Stubbs to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc., property located on Ky. Hwy. 356 (White Oak Road), $62,361.27.
Michael D. Thomas to Michael D. Thomas Revocable Living Trust, property located in Harrison County, $1.
Charles McMullen and Tammie McMullen to David Jon Hruska and Amber Huffman Hruska, property located on Connersville Pike (Ky. Hwy. 32), $150,000.
Mary Ann Grubbs Florence and Steven Florence Sr. and Kelly W. Grubbs Jr. and Kelly Lynn McNabb Grubbs to Melissa Carol Grubbs, property located at 205 Meadow Lane, $50,000.
David W. Dail and Martha R. Dail to Brian Rudnickl and Virginia Rudnickl, property located at 498 Crows Ridge Road, $125,000.
Quit Claim Deed: Barbara Lee Kendall to James Richard Kendall, property located at 164 Renaker Ridge Road, Berry, Ky.
James Richard Kendall to Gary T. Kendall and Richard L. Kendall, in Trust and as Trustee of the James Richard Kendall Family Residence Trust, property located at 164 Renaker Ridge Road, Berry, Ky.
Randy Northcutt and Ernestine Northcutt to Pencap Rentals, LLC, property located on Walnut Street, $60,000.
Quit Claim Deed: Patty Miller to Larry Johnson, property located in Harrison County.
Julia Doan and Benny Doan, Jennie Sparks and Ray Sparks to Teresa Stinson and Terry Stinson, Jo Anne Wilhoite and Rick Wilhoite, John D. McKee, property located on the west side of Ruddles Mill Road (Ky. 1940) and the south side of Eals Lane, $219,600.40.
Fannie Mae AKA Federal National Mortgage Associates to Jesse T. Sawyers, property located on North Miller Street, $57,678.
Nationstar Mortgage LLC DBA Mr. Cooper, Randall Perry and Commonwealth of Kentucky to AT Properties, LLC, property located on Ashbrook Court (Lot C of the Division of the Dedman Tract), $32,000.
Phyllis C. Penick, as the duly qualified and acting Trustee of the Phyllis C. Penick Family Living Trust to Timothy R. Miley and Sharon K. Vickers, Lot 6 - Block F - $35,000.
Special/Limited Warranty Deed: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Sherlene E. Combs, property located at 117 Highland Avenue (Lot 32 - Block B of Highland Addition), $72,000.
Pet Wellness on Wheels, LLC to Amberlee Cobler, property located on Main Street.
Joseph L. Pahls and Julie A. Pahls to Nathaniel R. Balk, Tract 5, Junction Farms, $64,250.