Property Transfers

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Joyce C. Hammond and Paul  B. Hammond to Michael D. Ritchie Jr. and Timothy S. Ritchie Sr. and Lucinda D. Ritchie, property on Berry-Robinson Road, $250,000.
Special Warranty Deed: The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Glynden King, property at 425 E. Pleasant Street (Lot 10 - Section F of the Ashbrook and Wallingford Addition), $40,000.
Vicky Casey Ritchie to Joseph Adam Yazell and Jennifer Smiley Yazell, property on Renaker-Berry Road, $1,500.
Special/Limited Warranty Deed: JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. to Anthony Wade Lockard, property at 54 Connersville-Twin Creek Road, Sadieville, $60,500.
Quit Claim Deed: Wayne E. Teals to Patty Adams, property on Berry-Robinson Road.
Phoenix Energy Business Trust to Brixton Rite Aid-CB Rite Aids, LLC, property in Harrison County, $1.
Charles J. Arnold to Stone Financing, LLC, property on the Leesburg Turnpike Road, $635,666.67.
Charles Allen Garnett III and Dwyla Garnett to Teri O. Eads, property in Harrison County, $69,000.
Warranty Deed: Jerry W. Brunker and Vivian Ann Brunker to Terry L. Allen Sr. and Gisela Allen, property on Oddville Pike (US 62), $40,000.
Priscilla D. Jones to Walter L. Tapp and Margaret Tapp, property in Grandview Addition, $185,000.
C. David Foster and Kathy Foster to Nathan Thomas, property on the Tricum-White Oak Pike, $79,500.
Albert Foster Wiglesworth to Bradley E. Wiglesworth and Kristie F. Wiglesworth, property in Harrison County, $20,000.
Quit Claim Deed: JPMorgan Chase Bank to U.S. Bank National Association, Lot 4 in Lone Oak Subdivision, $10.
Special Warranty Deed: U.S. Bank National Association to Willard Gene Arnold Jr., Lot 4 in Lone Oak Subdivision, $76,735.
Phillip H. Nickell to Loys Ward, property on Commonwealth Road, $18,000.
Loys Ward to Phillip H. Nickell, property on Commonwealth Road, $18,000.
Sole Ownership-Cash Deed for Kentucky: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Beyond All Limits, LLC, property at 5943 Ky. Hwy. 36 W, $26,000.
Charles Ishmael Smith, by and through his attorney-in-fact, Keith Smith to Keith Smith-Trustee of the Charles Ishmael Smith Trust, property in Harrison County.
Thurman Tod Wiglesworth and Sue Wiglesworth to Terry Tod Wiglesworth and Louanna Wiglesworth, property on Junction turnpike, $41,000.