Homeowner shoots at intruder

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Thief may have used stolen gun in exchange

By Ben Hyatt


The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department was called Friday morning to a home on KY 356 after shots were fired.

According to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department, a call was made to dispatch by a home owner following a 3 a.m., home invasion Friday, May 10.

“We received a call saying that shots had been exchanged between an unknown subject and a home owner,” explained Harrison County Sheriff’s Deputy Tuan Kreer.

According to Kreer, the homeowner, Chris Northcutt, was at home asleep in the bedroom when he heard the front door of the home open.

“The owner of the home said once he heard the noise, he got up and began moving toward the front of the house,” said Kreer. “Northcutt was armed with a handgun at the time.”

Kreer explained that while Northcutt moved closer to the front door, he heard the door open again and then shut.

“At that time, Northcutt opened the front door and looked outside and saw an unknown person in the yard,” said Kreer. “According to Northcutt, after he told the person to stop where he was, the person began firing a handgun at him.”

Kreer said Northcutt was able to return fire while not being struck by the intruder.

Northcutt jumped back into the home in order to shield himself from the gunfire.

Kreer said once Northcutt was back inside, he looked through a window and saw a large dark-colored SUV drive away from the house.

Harrison County Sheriff Bruce Hampton and Det. Paul Olin were called onto the scene to help collect evidence.

“We were able to recover evidence from the scene that has been sent to the Kentucky State Police crime lab to be tested,” explained Olin. 

Kreer said that a handgun was stolen from the residence and is believed to be the same gun used to fire at Northcutt.

“A gun, which was loaded, was taken from the house along with other property that has still not be found,” explained Olin.

According to Kreer, it is believed that the intruder was unaware that Northcutt was home due to there not being a vehicle in the driveway.

 Kreer said the SUV was headed toward Scott County after it fled from the scene. No suspects have been named at this time.