Food pantry in critical need of funds, food

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By Ben Hyatt

Low food pantry funds have made it necessary to eliminate bread, eggs and milk from the list of available goods.
The month of July, according to food pantry director Margaret Watson, has nearly drained all excess funds used to buy some of the items given to those in need.
“One Wednesday alone we gave food to 34 different families,” said Watson. “That’s enough food for over 100 people. It does not take long to drain funds when we are helping that many people.”
Watson said most donations, which are currently down due to bad economic times, are put into the general funds used for the purchase of bread, eggs and milk.
“We feel that if you have bread, eggs and milk, you can generally get by or make something from it,” said Watson. “Now that we are starting to feel the pinch from lack of funds, we have stopped giving those three things.”
Watson said now that school is in session, she hopes that the food pantry will be able to catch back up before the holiday season rolls around.
“The holidays are when we really try and save for the families,” said Watson. “However, if we do not receive more donations, I am afraid that the number of holiday baskets given out this year will be significantly less.”
Watson said she appreciated the continued support from the community in hard times.
“We try our best to keep the community updated on what is happening,” said Watson. “They deserve to know if they are giving.”
Anyone interested in donating to the Cynthiana-Harrison County Food Pantry should contact Watson at 234-1649.
All food expiration dates should be checked before donating. All checks to the pantry should be made out to Harrison County Food Pantry.