Deputies capture alleged shooter

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Becky Barnes,

Harrison County Sheriff’s deputies have captured Thomas Field VanMeter.
About 9:30 a.m., VanMeter was captured in the area where a shooting occurred on Monday.
There were no injuries from yesterday’s shoot-out with law enforcement and none reported this morning from his capture.
As law enforcement was drawn in from adjoining counties as well as Frankfort, VanMeter was spotted crossing through fields on KY 1842.
The intitials reports were that he was riding a dirt bike and would stop randomly and take shots at law enforcement.
At one point, deputies were able to return fire.
The incident began when a helicopter, view lines for Kentucky Utilities, was shot at and had to land. A Kentucky State Police helicopter was able to get the two pilots out safely.
KSP Helicopters were called in Monday to help search for the suspect, who was allegedly armed with an assault-style rifle.
That search ended Monday night due to the dangers involved for the officers and pilots.
The search resumed early Tuesday and wrapped up with Vanmeter’s capture around 9:30 a.m.