Cynthiana competitor claims third place in national championship

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Local strength athlete, Rebecca McCauley, entered the national spotlight this week as she claimed third place in the Women’s 123-pound lightweight division at the United States Strongman National Championship held in Indianapolis, Indiana.  
McCauley was one of 120 competitors who qualified and competed in the event.  Over the course of the day, men and women competed in their respective weight-class divisions.
Strongman competitions test strength and physical endurance in a variety of ways. The five-event national competition consisted of:  lifting a Chevy Sonic hatchback car for multiple repetitions, walking with a 400-pound yoke for 60 feet, carrying a 290-pound frame, pressing a 110-pound log for multiple repetitions, and loading concrete “Atlas Stones” to a 50-inch platform.
“I was proud to represent Cynthiana on a national level.” said McCauley. “As one of the smallest competitors, I felt a bit like the little engine that could. I kept reminding myself of my favorite quote: ‘though she be but little she is fierce.’” Rebecca jokes. “I guess it worked.”    
McCauley trains with local trainer, and strongman veteran, Robby McCann at BBR Strength Fitness located in Cynthiana.