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By Josh Guthrie

   Think about this: each week The Cynthiana Democrat prints a snapshot of Harrison County's original social network.  Every birth, every death, every crowning achievement, every stinging defeat -- it's all there in our pages.

   Today's news is tomorrow's history.  By documenting our shared history, as it happens, The Cynthiana Democrat connects us all to each other and to our proud heritage; one story, one photograph at a time.  We've been doing it for over 140 years.

   While our roots are undeniably set in paper-and-ink, our branches extend further every day.  At first, there was the website.  Then we brought you the e-Edition.  Now, we're growing into Facebook.  Each new branch has helped us stay even more connected with our readers, with our community.

   Connect with us on Facebook today.  Get real-time updates on breaking stories on your PC, Mac, or mobile device.  Get exclusive content and commentary that won't make it into ink.  Interact with us in new and surprising ways.  All it takes is the simple click of a "like" button.