en Mike's Minute: Harrison County is Full of Talent <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" width="128" height="85" /><p> After attending the Licking Valley Singers&rsquo; performance of Toppin&rsquo; the Charts on Friday night and the Starry Night performance Saturday night, I came to this conclusion:&nbsp; Harrison County is full of talent. &nbsp;</p> Couple announces new scholarship <p> To the Editor:</p> Family enjoys local Cynthiana-Harrison County museum <p> To the editor:</p> <p> On April 18, 2015, my three grandsons and I had the opportunity to visit the Cynthiana-Harrison County Museum. The boys enjoyed hearing and learning about the history of many items displayed. Our visit was topped off with Kenny Simpson&rsquo;s tour and history presentation of the old Harrison County Jail.<br /> The museum is truly a real treasure in the community. We look forward to visiting again in the future.</p> Mother laments son’s loss <p> To the editor:</p> <p> After reading that Harrison Memorial Hospital was ranked fifth as one of best places to work in Kentucky.<br /> I had to respond.<br /> I just wish my late son, Jackie, had been working at a place like this.<br /> He came back home to Kentucky to work at a hospital, and buy his first home.<br /> He was hired in 2008, and fired in November of 2012.<br /> What a shame! This hospital could not have been like HMH.<br /> He took his life in December of 2012. Enough said.</p> <p> Nancy Taylor<br /> Cynthiana, Ky.</p> The thing that keeps you coming back <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" width="87" height="85" /><p> My husband Ernie calls it a shot that keeps you coming back. He&rsquo;s talking golf; a good drive or nice putt.<br /> I&rsquo;m talking about writing for a newspaper.</p> Time to legalize industrial hemp <p> By Rep. Thomas Massie,<br /> Guest Columnist<br /> Cedarbrook residents are scared and confused <p> To the editor:</p> The Licking Valley Singers are a blessing and treasure <p> To the editor:</p>