en Statepoint Crossword Puzzle Solution <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" /> Statepoint Crossword Puzzle <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" /><p> ACROSS<br /> 1. Private instructor<br /> 6. It&rsquo;s shining in &ldquo;America the Beautiful&rdquo;<br /> 9. Not all<br /> 13. Lickety-split<br /> 14. Eyeball shape<br /> 15. Take a chance<br /> 16. Pull strings<br /> 17. *____ People&rsquo;s Democratic Republic<br /> 18. Not quite right<br /> 19. *Poison to members of Peoples Temple<br /> 21. *Olympic massacre location<br /> 23. Weary traveler&rsquo;s destination<br /> 24. Competently<br /> 25. Cha-____, dance<br /> 28. ____ ex machina<br /> 30. Buddhist doctrine<br /> 35. Centers of activity<br /> Downtown speaker system up and running <p> If you were in town for the Cynthiana Rod Run, chances are you heard the new downtown speaker system.<br /> During the Cynthiana Rod Run, our new downtown speaker system made its debut.<br /> Phase 1 of the speaker project is complete, thanks to the efforts of our community working together. Cynthiana Main Street spearheaded this speaker system project and with the support from the City of Cynthiana, the Harrison County Fiscal Court, Cynthiana-Harrison County Chamber of Commerce, The Lions Club, The Community Events Committee and 3M, this project was brought to life.<br /> Viewpoint <p> Monday&rsquo;s shooting incident in Harrison County is not something that happens often in our sleepy little town, but isn&rsquo;t it nice to know that when something of that magnitude does occur, our agencies are ready?<br /> The call came over the office scanner about 1:50 p.m. on Monday that a helicopter had been shot from the sky. Moments later, we heard Deputy Nathan Gasser breathlessly tell dispatch that shots were being exchanged with the suspect who had fired on the helicopter and that Nathan and Deputy Lance Hutchison were pinned down.<br /> Born to Run 5K on Saturday <p> The 20th Annual Born to Run 5K is this Saturday, September 9th at 8:00 am. The route will begin on Walnut Street around The Walking Dead Mural and Bridge Street Plaza and will continue out Abdullah Park. It will turn left onto Safety Way and head down towards Chucks Garage, where you will turn around at the road block and circle the cones to come back towards the starting line.<br /> Viewpoint <p> It&rsquo;s good to back to work! It&rsquo;s even better to be back to work and being somewhat back to normal.<br /> I missed a couple of weeks due to some health-related issues.<br /> Seems I had an adverse reaction to some medication I was taking that resulted in some fluid build-up around my heart and within one lung.<br /> Essentially, I felt like I was drowning in my own body fluids.<br /> I now know what it feels like to not be able to breathe normally, and I don&rsquo;t like it one little bit.<br /> Statepoint Crossword Puzzle Solution <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" width="85" height="85" /> Statepoint Crossword Puzzle <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" width="57" height="85" /><p> ACROSS<br /> 1. Pocket bread, pl.<br /> 6. Mele Kalikimaka wreath<br /> 9. Hoofbeat<br /> 13. Not dead<br /> 14. Freddy Krueger&rsquo;s street<br /> 15. Sacagawea to Lewis and Clark<br /> 16. Wrinkle-prone fabric<br /> 17. Rap sheet abbreviation<br /> 18. Tanks and such<br /> 19. *Spongebob&rsquo;s pal<br /> 21. *Sullivan&rsquo;s theatrical partner<br /> 23. Fa, ____, la, ti, doh<br /> 24. Daniel Defoe&rsquo;s ____ Flanders<br /> 25. Swindle<br /> 28. Ready for picking<br /> 30. Right before &ldquo;camera&rdquo;<br /> 35. Fish eggs, pl.<br />