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  • Best kayaks for flat water...

    A car, truck or sport utility vehicle with a couple of kayaks on the roof with fishing poles visible through the back window is an increasingly common sight on Kentucky highways.
    Sales data shows kayak fishing and related kayak accessories increasing in popularity. Some of this popularity has to do with many baby boomers reaching retirement age and wanting a new hobby.
    Price is another aspect of the rise in popularity of kayak fishing. They are a replacement for a fishing boat for many people scared off by the rising cost of power boats.

  • Cynthiana-Harrison County...
  • Bowling Results

    Tuesday Adult/Youth 6/20/17
    1 Spare Me 27.0/L 5.0
    2 Pickett Up 21.0/L 11.0
    3 The Bowling Stones 18.5/L 13.5
    4 4 Amigos 17.0/L 15.0
    5 Split Happens 16.0/L 16.0
    6 All About The Gutters 15.0/L 17.0
    7 All About The Strikes 14.0/L 18.0
    8 Team 1 13.5/L 18.5
    9 Gutt/L er Done 11.0/L 21.0

  • Sports Beats

    Kaleb Hill Golf Scramble at CCC, July 8
    The Cynthiana Country Club will host a one-day benefit golf scramble on Saturday, July 8 to help offset medical expenses for the family of Kaleb Hill.
    Kaleb was diagnosed with leukemia a couple of months ago.
    The cost for the scramble will be $160 per four-man team. The scramble will begin at 2 p.m on July 8.
    For more information, or to sign up, contact KrazyBytes Computer Repair at 859-298-9864.

    HCHS golf tryouts to begin
    in July

  • Henson wins second straight Joe...

    Lee Kendall,
    News Writer

    Joe Henson shot a pair of 69s and won his second straight Joe Mooney Men’s Invitational Golf Tournament at the Cynthiana Country Club, last weekend. It was Henson’s fifth career title at the local golf tournament.
    Henson’s opening-round 69 gave him a four-stroke cushion over his nearest competitor at the end of Saturday’s round.

  • Bowling Results

    Adult/youth 6/13/17
    1 Spare Me 23.0/L 5.0
    2 Pickett Up 18.0/L 10.0
    3 4 Amigos 16.0/L 12.0
    4 The Bowling Stones 15.5/L 12.5
    5 All About The Strikes 14.0/L 14.0
    6 Split Happens 13.0/L 15.0
    7 Team 1 12.5/L 15.5
    8 All About The Gutters 12.0/L 16.0
    9 Gutt/L er Done 10.0/L 18.0

  • Sports Beats

    HCHS golf tryouts to begin in July
    There will be two days of golf tryouts for boys and girls interested in playing for the Harrison County High School teams.
    Both days of tryouts will be held at the Cynthiana Country Club and prospective golfers should arrive on both days, no later than 7:30 a.m.
    The boys tryouts will be on Monday, July 17 and the girls tryouts will be on the following day, Tuesday, July 18.
    Neither team will carry more than 10 team-members after try-outs are completed.

  • Diamondbacks take Cal Ripken...

    Taylor Cusick,
    Summer intern

    This year’s Cal Ripken championship game saw two familiar teams face off for glory.
    For those who caught the final game last year, this game was a blast from the past. The second-seed A’s faced off against the first-seed Diamondbacks in a rematch of what was last year’s championship game.

  • Joe Mooney Invitational Golf...

    Lee Kendall,
    News Writer

    The 53rd annual Joe Mooney Invitational Golf Tournament will get underway this weekend at the Cynthiana Country Club.
    The 36-hole medal play event for men will be played over the 5,800 yard nine-hole layout, with the first round on Saturday and the final round on Sunday.
    Defending champion Joe Henson is in the field once again and will be seeking his fifth career invitational title.

  • Cynthiana Country Club May 2017...

    Cynthiana Country Club
    May 2017 LGA Winners

    5/2/17        Best 9 or Best 5
    18 Holers- Teresa Davis  42                     9 Holers- Kay Cox  20
                    Betty Kay McCullough  50           Layne McIlvain  21