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  • What is America’s favorite sport?

    There has been some debate lately about what is America’s favorite sport and second and third and so on.  

    The National Football League seems to be hands down the top among most with the number two spot disagreed upon. College football and Major League Baseball are the two sports that seem to vie for the second spot in most nationwide surveys. However, baseball’s demographic is of a much older group.  

  • Bowling results

    Adult Youth Final Standings 7/19/16

    1 OMG Rookies W 33.0/L 15.0


    2 The Bowling Stones W 28.0/L 20.0


    3 Gutter Mindz W 26.0/L 22.0


    4 Rolling Thunder W 24.0/L 24.0


    5 We Love C.A.K.E. W 24.0/L 24.0


    6 Corny 4 W 24.0/L 24.0


    7 NOS INC. W 23.0/L 25.0

  • Wachter, Hatfield win the Jungle...

    Mike Aldridge,

    Sports Writer



    The eighth annual Jungle Tournament at the Cynthiana Country Club was held this Saturday and Sunday with four different formats to befuddle the 48 teams that entered.  

    The tournament, which is played in memory of the late Jim Letcher, is sponsored by Palmer/Hampton Insurance and Real Estate. The Jungle was formerly the member/member tournament before Letcher’s untimely death. 

  • Breds work with three schools in...

    Mike Aldridge,

    Sports Writer



    The Harrison County football Thorobreds were in Fleming County last week for a four-team, seven-on-seven competition.  

    It was a working seven-on-seven where the coaches could stop play and instruct during the semi-live instruction. The football teams are limited to helmets and shorts during the early stages of practice.  

  • Sports Beat

    10th Region preseason 

    volleyball poll released

    The Volleyball Coaches Association of the 10th Region released the 2016 preseason poll with the Harrison County Fillies ranked fourth of the 15 teams.  

  • Burley Belles here Friday,...

    Mike Aldridge,

    Sports Writer



    The Ladies Golf Association of the Cynthiana Country Club is once again sponsoring the Burley Belles Golf Tournament. Fifty-six of the area’s finest golfers will do battle on the Cynthiana Country Club course beginning Friday and finishing on Saturday afternoon.  

    There will be practice rounds and a dinner Thursday night for the participants.  

  • Harrison County fares well in...

    Mike Aldridge,

    Sports Writer



    The 2016 Cal Ripken State Playoffs were held at various sites over the past weeks with the 9-, 10-, 11- and 12-year-olds’ Harrison County teams taking part.  

    The 11-year-olds’ team made it all the way to the finals in their tournament but all of the teams did very well in pool play.

  • Will I be a ‘football grandpa?’

    Football can be a dangerous sport if not played and coached the way it should be played and coached.  

    It is being very heavily scrutinized for head injuries and other maladies.  

    I still would like to be a ‘football grandpa.’  

    I did not get to play much football myself. I will never be in the Tell City High School football Hall of Fame or in any other I expect and that is okay.  

  • Top-water lures during low light...

    An old saying among bass anglers declares they would rather catch one bass on a top-water lure than 10 on anything else.

    The shake-inducing strike of a huge black bass savaging a top-water lure at dawn is as addictive as free donuts in the break room at work. Once bitten by the top-water bug, it becomes part of your fishing arsenal for life.

    Daytime bass fishing grows increasingly tough in the heat of July and August. Fishing a top-water lure during the edges of the day draws vicious strikes.

  • Bowling results

    Adult Youth 7/12/16

    1 OMG Rookies W 30.0/L 14.0

    2 Gutter Mindz W 25.0/L 19.0

    3 The Bowling Stones W 24.0/L 20.0

    4 NOS INC. W 23.0/L 21.0

    5 We Love C.A.K.E. W 23.0/L 21.0

    6 Corny 4 W 21.0/L 23.0

    7 Rolling Thunder W 20.0/L 24.0