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  • Combs named head coach at...

    Lee Kendall,

    News Writer



    A Harrison County man was recently named head coach of the Georgetown University (Ky.) Fishing Team.

    Shawn Combs, 38, can hardly contain his excitement over being placed in charge of the Georgetown anglers.

    “This is just unreal,” Combs said in an interview on Tuesday. “I am just beside myself. This is a great opportunity and I am just so excited.”

  • Recap of a week of mistakes plus...

    We just returned from a mini vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia, where I had time to contemplate just how old and forgetful that I am getting.  

    Before I start, let me say that if poor behavior and rudeness was a sport some of the people that I observed during our trip would be world class.  But since it isn’t a sport, I will skip over that.

    The Joe Mooney Invitational was just completed at the Cynthiana Country Club and apparently I butchered the scores that I reported.  

  • Cynthiana Country Club 2016 June...

    6/7/16                      BEST 9 or BEST 5    

    18 Holers: Donna Jacobs 38 9 Holers: Laura Wachter 18

    Barbara Snopek 42 Layne McIlvain 21

    Kay Cox 20

    Kelly Kendall 20


    6/14/16                       TEE to GREEN      

  • Sports Beat

    Kendall’s youth basketball camp 

    is next week

    Harrison County High School’s Head Basketball Coach Larry Kendall will host his annual youth basketball camp beginning next Monday July 11. The camp will be held in the gym at the Harrison County Middle School.  

  • D Backs
  • Coach-pitch champs
  • Cynthiana Sin The’ Shaolin...
  • Bowling results

    Adult Youth 6/28/16

    The Bowling Stones W 24.0/L 12.0

    OMG Rookies W 23.0/L 13.0

    Gutter Mindz W 20.0/L 16.0

    NOS INC. W 19.0/L 17.0

    Rolling Thunder W 19.0/L 17.0

    We Love C.A.K.E. W 19.0/L 17.0

    Corny 4 W 13.0/L 23.0


  • Joe Mooney Invitational...

     Joe Mooney Invitational Gross Scores

    First Flight
    Joe Henson        69    138
    Jay Gentry        71    142
    Brett Metzger        74    143
    Scott Bolin        72    143
    Troy Gray        71    144
    Ben Langley        75    145

  • Rec softball continues this week

    Mike Aldridge,
    Sports Writer

    The youth softball league continues this week for the girls with two games scheduled for both Wednesday and Thursday nights.  
    The Mud Hens battle the Dirt Diamonds at 5:15 on Wednesday followed by S.W.A.T. playing the Dandi-Lions.  
    Thursday night’s opener will be the Dirt Diamonds and S.W.A.T. followed by the Dandi-Lions and the Mud Hens.