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  • ROTC marksmen secures first win...

    Mike Aldridge,
    Sports Writer

    Major Jon Montgomery, USAF (Ret) and the Harrison County ROTC marksmanship team took on Madison Southern Thursday night and came away with their first victory.  
    The Harrison County team had two teams while the Eagles had one.  Each team is a four-person team.  
    Both Harrison County and Madison Southern are in their first year in AFJROTC marksmanship competition.  

  • Bowling Results

    Cynthiana Business 12/14/16
    1 Premier Carpet Cleaning 46.0/L 18.0
    2 Man On W 45.5/L 18.5
    3 Galactic Alley W 40.0/L 24.0
    4 Wachter Roofing W 38.5/L 25.5
    5 D’s Nutz W 38.5/L 25.5
    6 B/L Dry W 38.0/L 26.0
    7 Colmansville Store & Grill W 35.5/L 28.5
    8 Dream Chaser Farm W 32.0/L 32.0
    9 CW’s Crew W 28.0/L 36.0
    10 Hisle Motorsports W 28.0/L 36.0
    11 Sports Unlimited W 27.0/L 37.0
    12 Legacy Log & Timber W 24.5/L 39.5
    13 Double O W 22.5/L 41.5

  • Bowling Results

    Cynthiana Business 12/7/16
    1 Premier Carpet Cleaning W 45.0/L 15.0
    2 Man On W 41.5/L 18.5
    3 Wachter Roofing W 38.5/L 21.5
    4 D’s Nutz W 37.5/L 22.5
    5 Galactic Alley W 36.0/L 24.0
    6 B/L Dry W 36.0/L 24.0
    7 Colmansville Store & Grill W 33.5/L 26.5
    8 Dream Chaser Farm W 29.0/L 31.0
    9 CW’s Crew W 26.0/L 34.0
    10 Sports Unlimited W 25.0/L 35.0
    11 Hisle Motorsports W 25.0/L 35.0
    12 Legacy Log & Timber W 23.5/L 36.5
    13 Double O W 19.5/L 40.5

  • Wrestlers gain needed experience...

    Mike Aldridge,
    Sports Writer

    “We had a big day Saturday with two teams entered,” said Harrison County wrestling coach Luke Tucker.  “We did a split squad with the team in order to get the most matches for each wrestler.  With a young team, I’m more concerned about getting time on the mat than winning duals.”  

  • Sports Beats

    HCMS Eighth Grade Volleyball Still
    Undefeated at 7-0

    After the Dec. 5 match with Scott County, the Harrison County Middle School eighth grade volleyball girls remained undefeated with a 7-0 record.  
    The eighth grade Fillies won in three sets over Scott County 21-19, 17-21, and 15-7
    The seventh grade Fillies also defeated Scott County but they did so in straight sets 21-14 and 21-5.  The win improved the seventh grade record to 5-2 for the season.  

  • It is harder than you think

    Seeing this title one might think that I am going to write about how difficult it is to write a weekly article while being careful not to repeat topics too many times.  No, that is not what I am writing about this week.  
    What is harder than you think is keeping score for a high school basketball game.  This year I am the Fillies road game score keeper.  Laura (Kendall) Ashbrook does the job for home games which, while being the same work, is more difficult because on the Hilltop she is the official scorer.  

  • Sports This Week

    Dec. 14-Dec. 21

    Saturday, Dec. 17 Archers at Twenhofel MS in Taylor Mill

    Saturday, Dec. 17 at Rumble in the Beehive, Louisville Central

    Breds Basketball
    Wednesday, Dec. 14 at Robertson Co. Fr/JV 6/7:15 PM
    Friday, Dec. 16 at Grant Co. JV/Varsity 6/7:30 PM
    Saturday, Dec. 17 vs. Anderson Co. (H) JV/Varsity 6/7:30 PM

    Fillies Basketball
    Wednesday, Dec. 14 vs. Paris (H) Fr/Varsity 6/7:30 PM

  • Archers perform well in...

    Mike Aldridge,
    Sports Writer

    The Harrison County Archery team improved over their opening tournament performance a week ago, especially in the elementary and middle school divisions as they competed Friday night at Williamstown High School.  
    The Westside Elementary team was second of seven teams and the Northside team was fourth of seven teams.  The Harrison County Middle School team was fourth of 19 teams while the Harrison County High School team was 12th of 18 squads.  

  • The 2016-17 Basketball...
  • Special Olympics Bowling Team