Today's Sports

  • HCHS track and field holds...

    The Harrison County High School Track and Field teams held their annual post season awards banquet Saturday at the County Extension Office.  The afternoon was started with a delicious pot luck lunch with the boosters providing the meat and drink and the attendees bringing in different dishes to compliment the meal.  

  • I have no mixed emotions

    Often times when there is an article written about some one making a tough decision you see that they did such and such with “mixed emotions.” Well, I hardly ever have mixed emotions and I certainly didn’t when I saw the final results of the NBA playoffs or the Indiana/Kentucky high school all star series. The results please me greatly in the NBA and, believe it or not, did not please me in the annual All Star series.  
    I rarely watch the NBA. In fact I saw one complete game this year on television and none in person.

  • Sports beat

    Three Harrison County baseball players
    selected for All Star play, two named All State
    Senior John King, Junior Robbie Stroub and Sophomore Gus Garrison have been selected for the East/West All Stars. The games will be held at Bryan Station High School in Lexington on Wednesday along with individual work outs for college scouts. The players were voted to represent their class in school by the 10th Region coaches. King is not likely to attend since he has already signed to play college ball for Cumberland College next fall.

  • Score 'N' More
  • Shaolin Karate offers both...

    Shaolin Karate trains students in memory retention and demonstrates those  into Martial Art movements which are called Kata. The training is good for those who wish to have a strong healthy body as well as train the mind to be focused and create better memory retention.
    Master Gordon Burkett, the head instructor (Sefu), stated that with all the gadgets and equipment we have today to make our lives and work easier we sometimes lose track of the importance of physical and mental health.

  • Fillies start busy summer with...

    Kim Furnish’s Harrison County Fillies basketball team has been hard at work and that work will continue during the summer.  
    Since April, the Fillies have been in the weight room two days per week and the gym the other days of the week to prepare for the season next fall.  
    This will be the first season in five years that the Harrison County squad will not have Jordan Doram or Haley Perkins and the coaches are working hard with the girls to prepare for the change.  

  • Changes coming to Peewee...

    Harrison County Youth Football, formerly Peewee football, is set to undergo some changes beginning with camps in the summer and continuing with play in the fall.  
    This year, the plan is to organize three teams from each of the elementary schools and have them compete against one another during the season.  

  • A’s Cummins and Banks combine to...

    The Little League Cardinals were riding high on a four-game winning streak Saturday, but two A’s pitchers combined to pitch a no hitter to hand the Redbirds a 14-1 defeat.  
    Logan Cummins went the first three innings and Will Banks finished the job hurling the fourth in the run rule contest.
    The A’s began the game with two runs in the top of the first on a two-out home run by Brent White scoring Brendon White, who had singled.  
    Cummins struck out the side in the bottom of the first for a 2-0 lead going into the second.  

  • King signing
  • Some questions are not worthy of...

    When our daughters were in their preteen and certainly their teenage years, Patti had to do a lot of corrective action both in word and deed.  
    She mainly led by example but she did have to repeat herself on many occasions because of the girls, particularly Amanda, repeating the same infractions to the family (Patti’s) rules.