Today's Opinions

  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. French pancake
    6. Trig function
    9. *The steam ____motive drove Western growth
    13. Flotsam and jetsam alternative
    14. Earned at Kellogg School of Management
    15. In any degree at all, archaic
    16. Discrimination against elderly people
    17. Black gold
    18. Traction aid
    19. *Spaghetti _______
    21. *Precursor to cowboy
    23. Type of tree
    24. Cough syrup balsam
    25. Contrary conjunction
    28. Heracles’ wife
    30. Methane or carbon dioxide, e.g.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. It’s played with a ball
    6. “What’s Up, ___?” starring Barbra Streisand
    9. Hurry up!
    13. D-Day beach
    14. Greek R
    15. Swap meet deal?
    16. Thai restaurant chicken staple
    17. Down Under runner
    18. Make reference to
    19. *Disgruntled TV elf
    21. *It’s under the tree?
    23. PÈrignon’s honorific
    24. Swarm
    25. De Niro’s 1976 ride
    28. *Kind of Holiday list

  • There's a song stuck in my head

    All week long, I have had a song stuck in my head.

  • A Prosecutor’s Perspective: Commonwealth attorney’s office opens community dialogue

    The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office for the 18th Judicial Circuit is responsible for prosecuting felony criminal offenses in Harrison, Nicholas, Pendleton and Robertson Counties.  
    Douglas Miller, your current Commonwealth’s Attorney, has served in that elected position since 2009.  

  • Holiday drinking: please keep it safe

    Submitted by Bourbon/Harrison KY Agency for Substance Abuse Policy

  • To change Kentucky, change your party

    By Mike Fischer, Guest Columist
    Harrison County GOP Chair

    We missed a bullet last week. At the last minute we “saved” the state millions by denying tax incentives to a business investing $73 million, bringing jobs to the state and encouraging tourism of radical people such as church members and people that respect the 10 Commandments.   

  • Support Cookie for a Cop

    To the editor:
    Back the Blue -- Operation Cookie for a Cop in Harrison County.
    This is busy and hectic time of year, but the small things we do are big things to others.
    Let’s show our law enforcement we appreciate them by supporting and helping out with Operation Cookie for a Cop this Christmas.
    Due to Christmas activities, cookies need to be delivered by Saturday, Dec. 20, to my home. If you need directions, call 859-234-3714.
    Thanks for your help.

    PJ Burkett