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  • Mailbag

    To the editor:

    In regards to Becky Barnes’ editorial in last week’s Cynthiana Democrat on elections:

    Apparently, thanks to television history programs, elections were really slimy in years past. Verbal prevarications, much worse than now, led to deals, Bowie knife fights and mayhem with walking canes on the floor of Congress.

  • Five Cats and One Cell Phone
  • Viewpoint

    Condolences go out to the many friends and the family of former Harrison County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Roy Woodward.

    Dr. Woodward took the reins of the school district at perhaps the most challenging time possible.

    The community had hardly healed from the debacle that was the Dr. Wade G. Roby era. 

    School board meetings had to be moved to the HCHS auditorium to adequately seat the throngs of people who wanted to voice their displeasure at Roby for his actions and policies.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle


    1. a.k.a. Myanmar

    6. *”____ Rescue” airing on Saturday Mornings

    9. Eye affliction

    13. Brown, Dartmouth and Yale, e.g.

    14. Down Under bird

    15. *”Rangers” who first appeared on daytime TV

    16. Lays in peace

    17. 1960s altered state inducer

    18. Spy name?

    19. *Cooking TV personality

  • Mailbag

    To the editor:

    This summer, we were in Cynthiana (where I grew up) and had lunch downtown on Walnut Street. Coming out of the restaurant, we nearly fell to our knees (literally) due to the condition of the sidewalk. They are mostly rubble. Deplorable, embarrassing and unbelievable. Why     is this? Does nobody care anymore?


    Rebecca Saurer

    Fisherville, Kentucky

  • Mailbag


    To the editor:

    I love both, but I had to give up on sweets. My hope is I won’t have to give up on my football  players. That is about all I have to watch on television, as the news is hard to listen to. Some of my players are as bad as the news. 

  • Here’s what ‘farm-to-table’ really means

    This Friday night, Court Street downtown Cynthiana will be transformed to host Cynthiana Main Street’s Farm-to-Table Dinner. 

    Although this fundraising event is sold out, I wanted to share some thoughts behind the Farm-to-Table movement.

    Have you heard of Farm-to-Table dinners? Farm-to-Fork? Seed-to-Feed? 

    As you know, there are many names used to describe this dinner and many ideas on what the dinner really is. I’ve tried to recap what I have learned after researching for our event.