Today's Opinions

  • Learn more about the condition during October’s Dyslexia Awareness Month

    So, what is Dyslexia? Dyslexia is a chronic condition defined as impairment in phoneme/grapheme knowledge and rapid word recognition. Dyslexia does not improve without targeted intervention, and affects not only how a person reads but also the ability to spell words, retrieve words, articulate words and to remember certain facts.
    This time last year I was having a conversation with my daughter’s teacher about struggles with reading.  

  • Thanks to all who helped make Artoberfest a success

    To the editor:
    On behalf of the Community Event Committee, we would like to thank everyone that had a hand in helping making Artoberfest a huge success on Oct. 9. Our community came together and made a really fun fall event happen. From those who offered their services to those that came down to the event. You are the reason Cynthiana is on the upward swing.
    Thank you again and we hope Cynthiana continues to support local and community events.
    Tomi Clifford
    Cynthiana, Ky.

  • Democrats have strong ticket this election year

    To the editor:
    Vote the straight Democratic ticket on Nov. 3rd.
    The Democrats have put forth an excellent slate of experienced candidates in this year’s state races.
    At the top of the ticket is Jack Conway. Having served as our attorney-general for the past eight years, Conway has the same toughness and determination that has enabled our current governor, Steve Beshear, to be a truly outstanding leader. Jack Conway will build on the good works of Beshear to keep our state moving forward.

  • Josh Jenkins would help city prosper as commissioner

    To the editor:
    This letter is written to endorse the candidacy of Josh Jenkins for Cynthiana City Commissioner. Josh is a lifelong resident of Harrison County and a business owner in downtown Cynthiana.
    As a business owner, Josh is very interested in seeing our city thrive and prosper.
    He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and president of the Community Event Committee that sponsors events such as the recent, and very successful, Artoberfest that help to bring our community together. He has numerous ideas to continue progress in our city.

  • Political ads a dirty fight with no referee to ‘stop the silliness’

    I can remember my wonderful grandmother fretting over “What is this world coming to?”
    She passed away in 1982 and I have to wonder what she would think of today.
    I am not a television watcher. I rarely have it on in the evenings, choosing instead to read. However, earlier this week I decided I would flip it on.
    Now I remember why I chose to turn it off to begin with.

  • Deputy Royse shows kindness at traffic stop

    To the editor:
    One never knows what is going to happen even in the next minute! I am the luckiest person NOT to be in the hospital. If it were not for the quick action of one of our deputy sheriffs from the office of sheriff Shain Stephens, that is where I would be.
    I was tired. I was worried about my terminally ill cousin Freddie Whitson; I was debating whether to go see him after my grocery shopping. I  had just come from a meeting for the Harrison County Historical Society.

  • The fight for birth control should have been won long ago

    Loretta Lynn shocked the world when in 1975 she came out with her song “The Pill,” which was pretty much an anthem to birth control.
    In a nutshell the song says “I’m done being a baby-making machine.”
    When the song came out, people everywhere talked about the evils of birth control: the promotion of casual sex, the “loosening of morals,” the perceived threat to the institution of marriage.

  • Harrison County Food Pantry in need of help

    To the editor:
    Troublesome times are facing the Harrison County Food Pantry. Yes, these are hard times but we have not given up nor do we intend to do so.
    The cost of food has risen, as we all know; cliental is up also, but donations of food and money are down.  Putting this altogether, it can spell trouble. With all that said, I am asking the community to help us. Christmas is coming and we must think about holiday baskets. The churches donate non-perishables, leaving the food pantry’s money for turkeys and rolls.