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  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Gang
    6. “Back To The Future” actress
    9. Femme fatale
    13. Bader Ginsberg and Babe
    14. Like Mother Hubbard
    15. Small, olive-gray bird
    16. Abraham’s sacrifice
    17. E.T. transporter
    18. It happens at a given place and time
    19. *Mythic oceanic temptress
    21. *Flying stallion
    23. Heat unit
    24. Doe’s mate
    25. *Number of heads on Ravana in Hindu mythology
    28. Dripping faucet sound
    30. Worn by train station porter

  • Time reporting in Cynthiana truly memorable

    Much sooner than I ever imagined, I am writing my last column for the Cynthiana Democrat.
    As I write this, I find myself in the same position as my predecessor, Josh Shepherd. I had hoped it to be where I broke the news, but, as I have found out, many of you already know.
    The Cynthiana rumor mill does work fast, as Josh said in his last column.
    I have accepted a job at another paper, and it was an opportunity I had to take.

  • Thanks to those who helped make Veteran’s Program a success

    To the editor:
    My sincere thanks to all who made the Veteran’s Day program at Battle Grove Cemetery a success this year and years past. A fine job by all, from the Master of Ceremonies, to and including the folks who provided traffic control.
    A big thank you to the members of the DAR and SAR, for the 50-year Rededication of the Viet Nam Memorial, on the courthouse lawn. Thanks also to Senator Tom McKee, Judge Executive Alex Barnett and Mayor James D. Smith for their inspirational words.

  • 911 charge would unfairly put brunt of deficit on property owners

    To the editor:
    In response to our fiscal court proposing or even thinking of  a tax increase of $45 for the property owners of Harrison County is an unfair tax.
    Let’s be clear, I am all for funding the E-911 budget. I have even called 911 numerous times myself and it is a vital service for the safety of our community.
    Here is my objection with this whole plan. Not everyone in Harrison County owns property. So why should  property owners bare the brunt of this budget deficit?

  • Closet volunteers give thanks to director

    To the editor:
    We, the volunteers of the Harrison County Clothing Closet, want to give Linda McGowan and her family a big thank you for all they have done through the years at the Clothing Closet. They have given countless hours of time as well as resources. Linda and her husband, Don, had several benefits and gave all the proceeds to the Closet. Her sons, John and Joe, and even her grandchildren were drafted to help.

  • County government using new math

    To the editor:
    I’m confused about our fiscal court’s decision to replace the sheriff’s office roof with a flat rubberized roof at a cost of $18,000, when Bradley Copes obtained a quote for a gabled metal roof at a cost of $9,000 to $10,000 with a longer warranty.

  • Communcation important in dealing with teen technology use

    If you have a child in middle or high school, you have probably had to make the decision of whether or not they are ready for a cell phone.  
    Our children have far more access to technology than we did at their age.  
    When used safely, this technology can place a world of knowledge at their fingertips.  However, when teenagers are handed cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices with no rules and no parental guidance, they can be placed at risk.  

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution