Today's Opinions

  • Senator Steve West’s Legislative update

    Receiving the Commonwealth’s two-year, multi-billion dollar budget plan from our colleagues in the House highlighted one of our busiest weeks yet in the Senate as we reached the two-thirds point of the 2018 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly. Hundreds of visitors from all corners of Kentucky packed committee hearings and rallied for important causes in a week that saw no shortage of legislative activity.

  • Downtown Spring Open Houses this weekend

    Now that I’ve had a glimpse of warmer weather and sunshine, spring fever has set in. If you are feeling the same, you need to join us this weekend for the Downtown Spring Open Houses.
    Participating downtown merchants will be staying open later on Friday night till 7 p.m. and Saturday afternoon till at least 3 p.m. for the spring open houses. Businesses will be offering their new spring merchandise, some with specials and sales.

  • Still teaching...and learning...after all these years

    The first daffodil in my yard bloomed Feb. 25. What I wonder about this early visit, is it a promise of an early spring or just a confused bulb? I don’t really know why, there have been worse winters, but this one has managed to sink into my bones and dull my senses.
    As I write this I hear the persistent drum of rain on my patio room tin roof, a great sound in August, not so much in February.

  • Mailbag 3/1/18

    Canceling school is no easy task, student safety is primary concern

  • Pension bill filed, other legislation on the move

    While several critical bills have moved through the House, the past week was largely driven by one item: pensions.
    Senate Bill 1 has been filed, and is the result of ongoing work over the better part of the last year to save the pension systems and protect the retirement of our teachers, law enforcement and other state workers.
    This measure puts Kentucky on track to eliminate the unfunded liability and ensures that a good retirement is available for all current and future employees.

  • Guns aren’t the problem, people are

    I have heard and read all the hype about guns and the need for legislation. I have seen the Facebook posts that declare that “Guns don’t kill, people do.”
    What’s the answer to gun violence?
    I grew up around guns. My dad and grandfather made certain that my brother and I had a healthy respect for all weapons.
    We learned how to shoot with accuracy. How to secure a weapon, break it down and clean it.
    Now, 40 years later and not having spent much time since around weapons, some of those lessons might be a little stale.

  • Legislative update: SB1 is data-driven plan to fund pensions

    After weeks of anticipation and months of discussions and meetings with stakeholders, the Kentucky Senate Majority Caucus filed its comprehensive pension reform bill as Senate Bill (SB) 1 on Tuesday, Feb. 20.
    While SB 1 marked the filing of one of the most significant pieces of legislation of the 2018 Session, we continued to hold committee meetings and voted bills out of the Senate chamber, making for another busy week in Frankfort.

  • Statepoint Crossword Puzzle/Solution

    1. Salmon deposit
    6. Old age, archaic
    9. Bagpiper’s garb
    13. Hawaiian veranda
    14. Big Island flower necklace
    15. Helper
    16. V.C. Andrews’ “Flowers in the ____”
    17. Uno ___ or one more
    18. 4 x 4 race
    19. *”Water of life”
    21. *Shamrock
    23. ____ Aviv
    24. Rumpelstiltskin’s weaver
    25. Wildebeest
    28. Mega Bloks competitor
    30. *Outdoor St. Patrick’s Day event
    35. Starting point on way to riches