Today's Opinions

  • Beauty and harmony

    To the editor:
    Take a symphony without the various instruments, there would not be a flow of music as each has a specific note to follow or there would be chaos.
    An artist uses many colors to produce a masterpiece. Individually, the colors are beautiful. Individually they are bland, but when put together there is harmony.
    How about a car? It doesn’t function without a motor, a frame, wheels, etc. But, all together it runs smooth like it was made to do.
    Birds sing in early morning and without their music it would not be enjoyable.

  • Nothing to do in Harrison County? Seriously?

    In my column last week, I left out one major event for the weekend of April 24.

  • Juvenile justice law a rock wall to child discipline since 1973

    To the editor:
    I was a social worker for a year, a probation and parole officer for about four years and a cop for 21 years.
    The poor woman that wrote the letter about her children, the school system and law enforcement has hit a rock wall that was built in 1973.
    The wall is the Juvenile Justice Law. The only object of this law is to benefit the juvenile offender. It is based on an obsolete federal model that was scrapped years ago.
    This law removed all power from the schools, the cops, and the parents!

  • Shedding light on Grand Jury mystery

    First off, I would like to sincerely thank those of you who have contacted me to say that you have been reading and enjoying this article.  I appreciate the feedback and hope to hear from more of you.

  • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Crossword Puzzle

    1. Fathom
    6. Priestly vestment
    9. Steinbeck’s “Of ____ and Men”
    13. Yogurt-based dip
    14. *James Dean famously died in one
    15. Dugout vessel
    16. Cupid’s ammo
    17. Business degree
    18. Rose oil
    19. *”Single Lady” no more
    21. *Famous for his pop art
    23. “Back To The Future” actress
    24. Mark of a ruler
    25. Equinox mo.
    28. *Michael Jackson’s record label
    30. Frog-like amphibians

  • Parent: Children need better examples from local leaders

    By Lisa Preston, Guest Columnist
    I am the mother of two teenage boys. I am the wife of a great husband and father to our boys. We have a nice life for the most part. We have never been divorced; we do not drink, smoke or do drugs. We believe in God, we both work everyday, have our kids in sports or outdoor activities (no video games). However, it has come to my attention recently that my kids are not perfect. Can you imagine?
    I was recently called by the school to be informed that my child was caught with an e-cigarette.

  • Easter weekend in Cynthiana was strange and surreal

    If you are a person who likes to plan ahead, I suggest you go to your calendar/planner now and circle the April 24th weekend to visit or stay in Cynthiana.