Today's Opinions

  • Drivers, please stop for buses

    Do we need a refresher course in drivers ed?
    Drivers, the school bus STOP sign has not changed to my knowledge.
    It still has flashing lights to get our attention and it still means for you to STOP.
    In a week’s time, I have witness drivers ignore the STOP sign when the driver of my children’s bus put the sign out. It did not to get the drivers’ attention when they were talking on the phone or when the music was so loud the horn didn’t even get their attention.

  • Thank-you all veterans for your service

    To the men and women who have left their families and friends behind to serve in the armed forces, whether stateside or on foreign soil, thank you.
    Today is Veterans’ Day, a day that all Americans should feel blessed to have been blanketed in the stars and stripes that is not just a flag. That flag represents each veteran who ever defended this country.
    As the flag hangs at half mast to honor another fallen soldier, and as it billows and waves in a form of salute, take pride in a nation that can freely honor its veterans.

  • At least two, no more than two is rule for keeping bureaucrats off your heels

    Fallout from a crippled economy hit the Barnes’ household a couple months ago when Ernie was laid off from his job.
    Just as any other person would, he filed for his pittance of unemployment. He worked for the Iowa-based company for over five years and easily qualified.
    And, anyone who has ever had to file for unemployment knows there is criteria to retaining the weekly stipend. Possibly the most commonly known is that the unemployed has to make a diligent effort to find a new job.

  • Mailbag: District missed opportunity to provide progress report

    To the editor,

    A few weeks ago, Cynthiana Democrat Editor Becky Barnes offered an article in the local paper about the recently released test scores in the Harrison County School District. In my judgment, her writing was factual and objectively presented.  

  • Let your voice be heard, vote!

    In just a few short days, Election 2010 will be history. Candidates will no longer be candidates, but  elected officials.

    Front lawns dotted with “Vote for” signs will be free from the clutter and there will be no further need for “Sorry I missed you” cards tucked into screen doors.

  • New web site will have everything minus the ink, the smell, the clutter

     To the many readers of www.cynthianademocrat.com, changes are coming and they’re coming quickly.

    In fact, visit our website this weekend to see our new look.

  • As next mayor, Moses will work hard for Cynthiana

    To the editor:

  • Giving every animal a chance

    He had me with the sad puppy eyes.

    But there was more.

    As if the sad puppy eyes were not enough, I could count the ribs that ran along his side. His pelvic bone was merely draped in the dirty blonde fur. There was no muscle or thickness to what should have been a stocky dog.

    He tried to wag his tail when I greeted him with a few morsels of kibble. It pained him to show even the slightest gratitude. He could barely walk across the yard and stumbled more than once.

    Yes, he had me with the sad puppy eyes.