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  • Redistrict outrages may face redress

    By: Al Cross

  • Taxation with Misrepresentation

    To the editor:
    One thing I have learned after 20 years in government service is that real change happens only if citizens get involved. People can become involved by contacting their elected officials and letting them know of their concerns. If enough people voice their opinion, elected officials will listen. If you take the time to vote someone into public office, you should take the time to let them know they are public servants. They are working for you.

  • Shame on Webb's attorneys

    Shame on Webb’s Attorneys

    To the editor:
    I can’t explain how I feel about the lawyers for Webb and what they are trying to say about this man who brutally killed a woman while her children were in the house. That his actions were due to him being a diabetic. Plus, because of this, it would violate the Americans with Disabilities Act to give him the death penalty.
    Well, did he give her a choice? No, he took her life and deprived her children a mother. So, I guess he had the right to this horrifying act; his disability made him do it.

  • Don't be too quick to say "no"

    “I don’t think so, but maybe next time.”
    “I really don’t think I will be able to make it.”
    The list goes on and on of phrases that we have all used when trying to get out of doing something or going somewhere.
    When we are young we tend to defer to more drastic measures such as dragging our feet, kicking, screaming and in some situations... biting.
    Nonetheless, children and adults both have their ways of trying to drop the hint of non-compliance.

  • Grave thieves

    To the editor:

  • Get the country back into order

    To the editor:
    Just what, exactly, is happening is Washington, D.C.?  And just why does the President think he can run the country by himself?  
    He defied the U.S. Senate and his Constitutional authority and used his recess appointment powers to select Richard Cordray as the new director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau when the Senate is not even in recess. Then he cut the defense budget by over $500 billion placing our national security in jeopardy.  

  • Telephone ‘prompts’ not so prompt

    I’m not a fan of automation. In fact, it’s more than just “not a fan.”
    I loathe being connected with the recording of a pleasant-sounding woman. Because of her automation, she cannot detect my own snide and sarcastic demeanor and thus adjust her own pleasantries.
    I don’t want to push “1” for this or “2” for that. I want to talk to someone who can talk back to me, not give me multiple choices.

  • Living within one’s means

    To the editor:
    When did the concept of financial responsibility become a radical idea? the major point of the ‘Tea Party,’ which I support, is that elected officials should prioritize expenditures and balance our budget, preferably without increasing taxes. Our federal government’s practices may be despairingly beyond hope!
    Radical is one of the more polite terms used to describe ‘Tea Party’ supporters. Living within one’s means must be a revolutionary belief?
    Chuck Duffy